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Null(Citizen Star/NEWS) - by Citizen Ed - 2945-02-24 SET - Congressional autotranscripts hint at impended budget crises and a strained Imperial infrastructure.

Are things worse than we've been lead to believe?

This congressional squabble between budget reform bill sponsor Senator Kyle Polo (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys) and opponent Senator Taryn Glasi (C-Vosca-Elysium Sys) hardly settles the matter, but reading between the lines we can see intractable divides and urgent crises ahead.

The results of these proceedings will likely have profound implications far beyond even the important issue of educating our next generation.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-10-18 - Drake Interplanetary has introduced into its 2945 line the Cutlass Red Ambulance and the Cutlass Blue Militia/Police edition of their classic Drake line. Quite an interesting departure for a company known for marketing with a wink and a nod toward the Pirate community.

Does this represent a turnaround for the Magnus based company?

Drake Interplanetary, founded in 2922 to produce the initial Cutlass design created to fulfill a UEE military contract codenamed "Volksfighter", originally marketed towards militia before being a hit in the outlaw community. Ever since, they've been straddling the lines between trying to stay legit and fully embracing their largest demographic.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-04-08 - UEE Senate authorized the formation of a Senate Committee under Senator Rachel Lester (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys) to review "Imperial outsourcing practices" with an eye towards rooting out any corruption the like the recent scandals we've suffered here in the Citizen Star HQ system, Goss. Senator Lester called for open hearings but this was opposed by Senator Tracey Glenn (U-Saisei-Centauri Sys). Senator Lester was given the choice of open or closed hearings, but the final determination has not yet been announced.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-03-01 - Gamgee, Founder of the Operation Trident organization has dissolved the group, citing fractured motives and internal politics. The movement was founded in October of 2943 by reputed pirate by the name of Zeno, as a counter to the independent pilots intent on facing off with the alien Vanduul threat, Operation Pitchfork. Gamgee later founded the official organization. Trident was seen by some as a peace movement and by others a thinly veiled cover for pirates and privateers to operate with some level of claim to moral high-ground.

Trident is fully dissolved. I doubt you'll ever see the moniker again. Now if those same people choose to use another title is something else entirely. I found the majority of people who claimed to join Trident were in it for themselves. I feel they have enough organization to reform into a new group purely in it for profit. If they ever want to unify again. ~ Gamgee

(Citizen Star/News) - 2944-02-26 - Editors Note: The following is a guest editorial that does not represent the views of the Citizen Star/NEWS or it's staff. It does however bring up salient issues that do deserve to be addressed, and so we present here in the pursuance of an informed populous and intellectual debate.

Salvete. I’m UltraMaud, Grand Alcator of the Moose Legion, and your lecturer for this evening. I’m going to try and discuss some of the various issues that we face in such a diverse verse, and what that means for the broader community of sentient folk out there. This is a fascinating, almost overwhelming time to live in, and sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at the broader context. I hope I can help you do that.

Tonight, we’ll be talking about Operation Pitchfork, and whether or not it constitutes an ethical movement.