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(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-19 - Live blogging, stay tuned for updates. Live on Twitch.

Mustang Commercial! Channeling Howard Hughes here. Reminds me of "The Aviator": 

Pegasus Escort Carrier, formerly known as the Panther: Null 

Big news so far:

RSI Website revamp released before the stream.

Release of 1.0 today! Just after the livestream.

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-18 - In a surprise move, CIG announced a Public Test Universe of version the current test build of 1.0.  Soliciting signups on the RSI Forums, and then quickly closing when they received a throng of eager testers. (Perhaps more testers will be solicited after initial tests? Reminds one of the phased release of Arena Commander in the very early days.)


The PTU is a parallel set of servers (complete with it's own limited version of the new design of the website) with the new build. Volunteers have their accounts copied to the new servers, with the promise of a wipe once this is done. This allows a public test build without forcing everyone to patch onto a potentially unstable build. Good idea actually and used by other companies to excellent effect.

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-18 - In the last episode of the year (before going on holiday hiatus).

Gladiator is in the Hangar. Ship stats updates. $5 dollar tiny-t sales on going. Saved a Wing Commander Movie Prop (a  wall from a starship).

Live stream tomorrow!

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-15 - Freshly back from Europe, Chris answers our questions but not before giving us some news:

Has been in England preparing for big "shoots" for Squadron 42.

Sidetrip to Germany which should lead to some big news next year. (CryTek related maybe? - Ed.)

He mentions visiting and partnering with Imaginarium, Andy Serkis' company in London (Gollum, Planet of the Apes, upcoming Star Wars films), to push performance capture "to the next level". The guys at Imaginarium are apparently (SC and/or CR?) "fans". That is pretty mind-blowing.

Summary and timindexes...

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-10 - The Citizen Star and The Base team up to give you a rather epic two hour interview with Ben Lesnick, James Pugh and Will Lewis.

Discussions cover stretch goals, Idris hangar capacity, Modularity, Javelin, ACBucks (Arena Commander in game cash), the M50 "limited" status, Making Star Citizen more accessible for new folks, Multi-Crew Solo & Teams, Operation Pitchfork, Astrophysics, Squadron 42, Account Hacks, Avatar Creation (& tech partnership with Warhorse), the Kr'Thak, Dec 19th Livestream, and... Nerf wars!