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Update: Javelin Comm-Link is Up! Be sure to check out! Minimum Crew: 23; Escape pods for 80 people! Can carry a Redeemer and (or?) 1 fighter or 2 M50/aurora size ships, or 4 Merlins (Less than an Idris can carry). Modular sections and rooms.

Javelin in the Store! Page is here. First batch sold out very quickly.

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-27 - What ... are you nuts? Out of your frakkin' mind? It looks awesome but $2500!?


If the answer is yes, you are that crazy about Star Citizen... and the idea of spending $2500 for a ship that will need a large crew and a significant in game investment of many people's time and in game cash to get it up and running, doesn't cause you to recoil from the keyboard in horror... then maybe...

Update - 2014-11-28 - For some reason, came in $350 not $345. Doesn't change the value proposition in my mind.

Update- 2014-11-27 - Hi-rez image no longer available at RSI website; new art added.

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-27 - I'd have to say ... Yep.

I mean look at it...


... but well I guess it depends ... are you an explorer with friends?

Update: Leaked image above has been removed the url at the RSI site.

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-21 - This year's anniversary sale doesn't disappoint on the surprises. Last year was momentous with a slew of ships being introduced and sold with the "end of LTI" sale, celebrating the first anniversary of the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. A lot of the limited and concept ships that haven't been available for quite some time are now being offered again and two new ones:


Biggest surprise has been lightly hinted about recently: Javelin Destroyer (civilian version) for sale for the jaw dropping price of $2500 in limited quantities (four allotments of 50 Nov 28th).

Almost more interesting is a batch of 5000 $20 Aurora Game Packages. (To be sold on the 28th along with the Javelins.) Good for getting friends into the game and giveaways!

And Carrack! Explorer ship has increased in size to 110m. Available for $345.


Many more ships and extras...

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-11-20 -Ben and Sandi host, featuring details on new merchandise, the Thanksgiving sale, Concept Sales!

Notes, sneak peaks and much more information after the jump...

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-21 - In this week's 10 for the Chairman Chris Roberts mentioned a barter economy for field health care. 

My immediate thought was that a fairly automated payment system could easily be handled with a rudimentary Health Insurance system. I mean -- if we have Hull Insurance -- why not Health?

Note: "Healing" beam from PAX Australia FPS Presentation pictured, right. As seen in AtV #19.

Q9 - Gleep - 19:56 - How do you envision a person flying a Cutlass Red or MISC Endeavor Hospital ship making money? Will we receive a payment once our medical bay heals somebody?

A - Yes, there will be ways to do that, transactional job boards and contracts. Barter/payment. If they didn't do the job they could be suspended. Uber as an example. [source]

How could that work?