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(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-04 - Pardon the pun, but there was a bit of a kerfuffle over Idris crews following the 10th episode of Ten for the Chairman, in which Chris Roberts stated he really hadn't decided whether or not the Idris would be crew-able solo. Forums lit up with polls and threads with expressions of opinions one way or another. With the occasional heated exchange even.

Full disclosure: Author pledged Space Marshal (what is now called a "War Pack") so has an Idris-P.


Clearly the Idris is a big ship. We are now being told that it has grown to 240 meters in the hands of the Foundry 42 team, who've expanded it for better story telling for Squadron 42. It's listed in the ship specs page as 140 meters, although Jump Point issue #15 "Corvette Winter" disclosed that it had grown to 180 meters quite some time ago. Initial reveal of the ship design here on June 29th 2013, had it at 140 meters.

(Updated - 2014-03-04 - With more time indexes and link to transcript)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-03 - With Guest David Haddock head writer

Featuring questions on:

  • Thought into the "game world" - Architectural History of the Star Citizen Universe (details below, after the break)
  • Idris can it be flown solo at all? CR - Not sure. Haven't decided. - Time Index - 10m44s
  • Pledge packages available? Yes, probably, 890 Jump at least. - Time Index - 11m34s
  • Haulers defender themselves? Yes more or less. - Time Index - 12m26s
  • Is it possible to transfer shields or capacity and transfer it to someone else? No. Not like EVE - Time Index - 13m56s
  • Different types of Jump points? Like one-way, size limited, collapsing. Yes. - Time Index - 15m08s
  • Peripherals TrackIR in DFM? Probably not Track IR at first. Oculus Rift maybe. - Time Index - 16m52s
  • Official Bounty System - Yes, FBI most wanted list style. "Mission" Board per System - Time Index - 17m53s
  • Reworking Constellation - Yes. Mod cargo to avoid interfering with the merlin and possibly moving living quarters to front. - Time Index - 19m46s
  • EVA description - boarding, patching and salvaging - Time Index - 20m48s



(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-03 - Pulse, the Star Citizen Community Web Magazine brought to you by Most Valuable Poster Feylan and his team, now has its fourth issue available.


  • Interview with Ben Lesnick, Community Manager of CIG
  • Winners of the Star Citizen Scene Competition
  • Feature on
  • Nightmare by Blue
  • Hair: Part Three by Womby
  • And more!

Congrats to MVP @Feylan and his team another great issue delving into nuances and stories of the Star Citizen Community.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-03-01 - Gamgee, Founder of the Operation Trident organization has dissolved the group, citing fractured motives and internal politics. The movement was founded in October of 2943 by reputed pirate by the name of Zeno, as a counter to the independent pilots intent on facing off with the alien Vanduul threat, Operation Pitchfork. Gamgee later founded the official organization. Trident was seen by some as a peace movement and by others a thinly veiled cover for pirates and privateers to operate with some level of claim to moral high-ground.

Trident is fully dissolved. I doubt you'll ever see the moniker again. Now if those same people choose to use another title is something else entirely. I found the majority of people who claimed to join Trident were in it for themselves. I feel they have enough organization to reform into a new group purely in it for profit. If they ever want to unify again. ~ Gamgee

Updated - 2014-03-01 - with link to Gunship Specs Comm-Link and corrected time index on Team Tri-Tri's entry

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-28 - The Fifth Episode of the Design Competition, The Next Great Starship, revealed the ship specs and presented the concept art of the first six teams of 18 remaining. Out of the six today, four moved on to the next phase. The two that did not move on will be eligible for the community save vote. (No spoilers here.)

A surprise for today's show was an angry Chris Roberts. (He nearly turns green and shouts, "Chris must smash!" But fortunately restrained himself.)

Gunship Specs (Also reiterated in a Comm-Link with additional details)

Teams all design to the same specs, which were revealed today:

  • Pick an existing Manufacturer
  • 1 Pilot, 2 Gunners
  • 4-6 Marines or Cargo
  • 4 x TR2 Jointed Thrusters
  • 4 x TR3 Main Engines
  • Weapons: 2 Manned Turrets, 1 Remote Turret, 2 Missile Racks