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(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-08 - While skimming through Youtube and searching through the plethora of well done Star Citizen themed videos, we found this gem:


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-28


The Citizens' Aid Society (CAS) is a fairly unique organization, focused on assisting others rather than it's own core membership. It is one of a few service organizations that has existed in some form for quite some time and finally becoming official with the release of the Organization system. Patterned off the old Traveller game's Traveller's Aid Society and the more terrestial automobile clubs (like AAA), CAS was formed by one We-Yan "Stanley" Crube (@We-Yan_Crube), also known as Sinperium in some circles.

(Editor's Note: On a personal level, I'd like to say that I encountered Stanley's good posts and the CAS organization while I was investigating the Star Citizen phenomenon. He and it where part of the inspiration for me backing and joining the community. It is a pleasure to publish this feature in the Citizen Star.)

(Citizen Star/NEWS) 2944-01-21 - Commerce & Trade Committee chair Erol Gans (C- Locke - Idris Sys), had a few choice words for fellow Senator Yori Co (C - Green - Ellis Sys) following an outburst that disrupted a hearing concerning Xi'An's Jysho Corporation business Certification. Certification proposed by Senator Kelos Albervar (T - Terra - Terra Sys) came under fire for not limiting the alien corporation's ability to set up refueling and repair services. When reached for comment, Senator Co's representative flatly denied xenophobia was the motivating factor but instead cited a "need to protect the livelihood of our constituents."

Update 2944-02-16 - Citizen Star/NEWS was able to obtain transcripts of subcommittee records.

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