10 For the Producers Ep 03


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-12 - You can really tell these guys are hitting their stride, pulling all these things together.  Producers Travis Day, Alex Mayberry, and Darian Vorlick answer your questions about Star Citizen!

Unfortunately I have a difficult time summarizing the writers and producers shows, not as amenable to it as when Chris does these shows. I'll just hit a few highlights and link to the excellent work that the reditors do over in the /r/StarCitizen subreddit.

In this episode they take questions on the role of producers, process, the meaning of double precision, companion apps, missiles, and even avatar gender equality.

It was good to see Alex Mayberry, clearly in charge here. He's been laboring in the background for so long.

Smaller "sub-capital" multi-crewed ships will get modularity that is essentially slimmed down versions of their capital equivilents. One pretty basic example is the C&C that the Constellation is supposed to get. 

Smarter patching is being worked on.

Big priority task at this point is balancing the missiles.

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