10 For the Producers - Episode 01


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-08 - The LA based Producers of Star Citizen, Travis Day and Darian Vorlick, step in to answer your questions while Chris is busy at Foundry 42 in the UK. 

Q1 - Beer4TheBeerGod - 0:56 - What changes can we expect from the Cutlass now that it's gone back to Foundry 42, and what lessons did you learn from the variant release?

A - By distributing the workload around it frees up hands for things like 1.0. The Cutlass makes an appearance early on in the Squadron 42. Lessons learned, you guys are very interested in modular ships and don't want to be locked into the function of a particular hull, so trying to adapt to that.

Q2 - Archilele - 02:33 - What are some avenues community contribution (existing or new) which you think would be a good way for new backers to engage and contribute to the game?

A - Jump into the forums and RSI chatroll to read, lurk, troll. Go make threads of what what you are concerned about, or like. Darian also recommends finding like minded people for meetups and such, but also you can use your imagination and find your own way!

Q3 - Takomi (sp?) - 04:38 - What major gameplay feature are you looking forward to and why?

A - Darian - Capital Ships; Trevor - FPS, perhaps on Capitals.

Q4 - SmartAce - 06:54 - With different producers working on separate modules, how do you ensure the modules work together to create a consistent overall gameplay experience?

A - Analogy to the ISS, as what not to do. Designs are reviewed by they different producers so that they get a consistent style across the different modules. That's a big part of the Producer's job. Global team effort, producers embedded in each team.

Q5 - BlackDragon - 10:02 - Form a production standpoint; given how many features are planned for the product, how do you make your choices on what will be in launch and what will be in a future patch? Obviously for the sake of getting the game out in a timely fashion not every feature that has been discussed will be a in at launch, what kind of feature density could we expect for the first major content patch once we've launched further down the road?

A - Product road Maps for each of the modules as well as technology teams. Foundation features first. Then additional features. Not all stretch goal features will be there at launch, but they do have a plan to get all that out there. Moving targets. Constantly evolving projects. By the time a schedule is created it is already obsolete. 

Q5 - Kinshadow - 13:10 - There has been a lot of discussion about the ship pipe line and how you guys are getting into a mode of pumping ships out at a regular basis. Do you expect this 'pipeline' to ramp down after the game's release or do you expect the current rate of ships (or increased volume) once the PU goes live? Follow up question: do all the alien ships follow the same pipeline or are you expecting some to be shortcut in some way (not player pilot capable)?

A - Don't want ships are relevant serve some sort of functionality or play style. They will create ships based on what's needed. Don't have a solid answer at this point. Some of the Vanduul ships won't have fully functional interiors.

Q6 - Flint Nefario - 15:27 - It seems to me that SC/SQ42 development is proceeding at breakneck speed. How does the development pace compare to other games you've worked on? Also, how do you handle the extremely high standard that is being set because it must take considerably longer to get each step completed to "CR" quality but the backers continuously clamor for MOAR!

A - Very quickly, yes. Interesting challenge. Creating company, long term project but also sharing milestones along the way. Yes, Chis does give feedback and raise it to a higher level. All on board on building the project. (Note: not sure if there really was an answer to this question. Certainly an acknowledgement of the challenge and a commitment to get it done. - Ed.)

Q7 - Janitor - 19:29 - How robust is the plug-and-play system for the ship pipes? We already know about the size 2 tractor beam in the store which can go on any appropriately sized hardpoint, and the application of drop tanks for presumably "wet" class 3 mounts, but does that extend to other potential systems and equipment? Would there be a Size 5 sensor cluster I could put on the nose of my Avenger instead of a Size 5 cannon to go exploring with instead of interdicting?

A - *spoiler alert* Avenger isn't going to stay size 5, they've tried it and it ended up being ridiculous.

All a data driven system. Yes, as long as the size mounts match. May adjust sizes as they go a long the way.

Q8 - Flashp0int - 21:58 - Given the level of details and what we saw from the PU, I am starting to have the feeling that beyond space, there will be a few dozen football fields to walk around, but not really much to explore. The landing sequence on the planet shows a huge 30+ million inhabitant city, but you can only get to a small market place. Can you give us a scale of the planned PU size? (space stations, ground and so on).

A - 105 star systems with an average of four landing zones each. ArcCorp was just a demo. Terra might include residences "called the blocks", can add connected spaces through the mass transit system. Constantly going to be growing. Can't give a square yardage, yet.

Q9 - BerzerkButton - 24:47 When will we get Arena Commander currency and the beginning of the ship component upgrade system?

A - Good question! That has definitely been asked. Coming to a patch to you next year, ... before 2.0, but not in 1.0. Then you'll be able to purchase (or rent?) the weapons VD. 

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