10 For The Producers Episode 4


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-16 

"The Santa Monica producers Travis Day and Darian Vorlick sit down to answer 10 questions from the community!"

Too Long; Won't Listen - Summaries:

Q1 - Beer4theBeerGod - 0:44 - Bugs and features prioritization.

A - Producers are the people that prioritize bugs. Based on what the severity of the bugs and whether they conflict with goals of the release. Retaliator bugs given as an example for the current patch. The consequences of the fix also needs to be considered. Some bugfixes will cause ripple effects into other areas.

Q2 - SP3CTREnyc - 4:04 - How ship changes occur in engine. Physics.

A - Changes are made in the physics of the ship. Mass, Thrusters, Cooling, etc.

Q3 - Murray PhD - 7:25 - Pet projects

A - Do have projects, but not as exciting as you might think: Darian - Coming up with a way to automate invoicing outsourced artists. Travis - Adding components to Jira

Q4 - Hatefury - 9:05 - PVP mission creation. Two PVE missions A) defend a convoy, B) assist in an attack. Could it result in PvP?

A - Yes, could happen. Economics drives mission creation. It is possible that it could create that scenario.

Q5 -Zaciroll - 12:32 - Player run radio stations.

A - Maybe. Cool idea. Not entire stations at launch very likely. There's a whole content management issue there that they'll have to have in place. Do want to have in fiction talk by real humans. Chris is keen on it.

Q6 - RadiantFlux - 15:20 - Decoupled flight in the pipeline.

A - Improvements considered in UI, but not high in the priority list. Want to perfect coupled flight + strafe first. 

Q7 - Amontillado - 16:52 - Coop vs AI in FPS

A - Not for initial release. Will add that at some point. Marines vs Outlaws coming at some point. (No Vanduul in FPS? - Ed.)

Q8 - K_Cravener - 18:28 - Stock market for corporations.

A - Have had conversations about this. Interesting, but a lot of risks. Might happen.

Q9 - MuddyGrimes - 20:00 - Improvised FPS weapons.

A - Some level of this. Tools that can effect objects will be designed to hurt people.

Q10 - CrimsonHawkMoth - 21:16 - Org logos/signs inside your ship.

A - Cockpit decorations was a stretch goal. Are trying to figure out how much you can do with it. Looking at a "ship decoration" system.

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