10 For the Producers - Episode 6


(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-05-04

0:43 - Solo vs NPCs? Or multi-player only?
1:35 - Maps requiring both flight & ground combat
2:56 - Interacting with immediate environment
5:13 - Changing equipment and armor in V1
6:54 - Fatigue in the FPS
8:06 - Player clothing & armor damage system
10:51 - Design factors in the FPS arenas
13:23 - Variety of character models, hangar animations, game demands
14:27 - Player population & the cloud
15:25 - Alien weapons in the FPS


1 - Will you be able to play solo against NPCs or just multi-player?

    On first release the FPS module is multiplayer only.
    Team Elimination 8v8
    SATABall 16v16
    There are plans to to have FPS modes against AI.

2 - Will be able to land and make the transition to FPS before the PU releases?

    Yes, before the PU releases there will be maps that have transition between flying.
    Arena Commander 3.0 "Capture the Idris"
        Two opposing teams of multi-crew ships fight over the Idris, then board it and take it over.

3 - How much will be be able to interact with the environment? Can we expect grenades or fire extinguishers to propel players or to turn objects into projectiles?

    Yes! You'll be able to interact a lot with the environment.
    Gold Horizon: If you through an EMP grenade into the cafeteria you can knock out all the lights.
    Lots of movement and interaction.
    Force Propulsion grenade will propel people / objects *(It's not named a Force Push grenade? So close!)

4 - Will we have the option to change out equipment and armor at the release of the module? Which can we choose from?

    Team Elimination on Gold Horizons is Marines vs Outlaws
        Light, Medium, and Heavy armor for each side with different appearance and characteristics.
    Sub-machine gun, Assault rifle, Laser Assault rifle, Electro shock rifle, sniper rifle, frag/emp/propulsion/area denial systems, pistol, combustion handgun...all at V0.
    And Travis' favorite: The Burst Cannon with BurstyBitstm that make your opponent's computer crash.
    V1 release will include the attachment system for scopes, foregrips, barrels, suppressors, etc.

5 - Could you describe how fatigue will work particularly in respect to the different loadouts?

    The concept is that the size of your loadout and armor affects your stamina.
    If you have light armor and weapons you'll be able to sprint further and have quicker recovery.
        After a sprint when moving to Aim Down Sights you'll have less less weapon bob.
    Medium and into heavy, you'll be slower and be out of breath (demonstrated heavy breathing fogging visor)
    How you react to recoil and how your gun moves will be based on your loadout.

6 - Will armor take location specific physics based damage? Will a shot to an armor joint have more effect? Will damaged clothing and armor be repaired or discarded?

    As we move to the physics based damage that will be taken into effect for projectiles and energy weapons as far as impact point and damage taken.
    A variety of factors will determine how much kinetic energy is applied at the impact point.
    Just like with ships the damage system will check on the physics proxy, the check the material the proxy is for.
        Each material will have a table which shows what type of damage they take, disperse, allow to pass through to a lower layer, and perhaps eventually to your skin.
    You'll be able to change ammo types, armor materials and layers.
    You will be able to shoot into weak points for more damage.

7 - What factors were considered when designing the arenas in respect to the pace and style of the game? Does the design encourage specific bottlenecks or contested areas or something more free-form?

    A combination of both: Chokepoints and focus is very important for map design.
    We don't design maps that can be used for every single game mode with very light changes.
    We're big on designing the entire flow of a map to support one specific game mode.
    Gold Horizon: The two starting areas oppose each other, with 3-4 alternate routes plus verticality to prevent static routes.
        A light marine with a light loadout can get into the high positions before the heavily armored players can even get to the room.

8 - A) Will there be any variety in the character models yet? Or are we all 'stereotypical white guy'?

    You'll be the stereotypical British guy (it's a face scan of a Briton)

     B ) Is version 1.2 where we will see the improved animations make their way intro the hangar module?

    Yes. 1.2 is the FPS and will include the improved hangar animations.

    C) Performance wise, how demanding is Star Marine? Is it easier to run than Arena Commander?

    Right now it's harder but hopefully it will be only slightly more so. This is because you're pushing a lot more polys, more particle effects, etc.

9 - What is the strategy for handling the population explosion? Is your dynamic cloud infrastructure team ready for this?

    We really hope so.
    We're rebuilding the matchmaking system and the global instance manager, which premiers with the FPS.
    It will go gloriously or it will be on the PTU for a while.

10 - Do you plan on releasing weapons developed by alien races or at least with their technology incorporated?

    Yes, absolutely. In the future.
    1.2 is all human weapons, but future releases will have other manufacturers.
    We want the individual manufacturers to have a distinct feel and design that is recognizable in appearance and feel.

The Relaint is coming! The Relaint is coming!

Thanks to the subscribers for making the video possible and to everybody for making the game possible.

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