Around the Verse Ep 24


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-11 - Ben Lesnick and Sandi Gardiner host, this excellent episode. Introduction features the new funding milestone strategy - End of Stretch Goals as we know it. Gladiator, HOTAS Poll, Dec 19th livestream. Going to be continuing to build the game experience where more people playing together is fun, while also supporting solo play.

News From Around the Verse


New Missiles are almost complete

AI for countermeasures

Missile selection via HUD



FPS Cover system received improvements as it's being integrated with SQ42


Astra Armada - showroom

Transition from hangar to AC



Retaliator interior

Ejection seat for the Mustang being implemented.

Aurora intakes being reworked.


Damaged limb module movement

Plasma ammo fixed; so that it can't shoot through doors

Whiteboxing of the... Battlesphere


Malformed packets


AndyB Big List of StarCitizen Videos and Podcasts

Feature - People Crunching for v1.0 and too busy to appear on camera

Interview Writer, Will Wiesssbaum

Wrote the M50 Commercial, works with David Haddock to author the lore of the SC Universe.

Q1 - Rubidy - 25:02 - Currently ships' names in SC don't have any system or logic of creation. Can you see a connection between SC lore, storytelling and naming ships? What is your perspective on how ships should get their names?

A - There is a system... a lot of the ships named early on, before system. Role, which company, the spirit of the ship. Variants usually have a theme.

Q2 - IonHawk - 26:43 - Will religion exist in the Star Citizen Universe? Since one of the main organization types is Faith, it seems to indicate there will be some kind of belief system involved. If yes, will we see religion from today or fictional (or both). And will there be alien religions?

A - Yes. Church of the Journey recently detailed in Lore Builder for example. Writer's guide mentions all of the current religions exist in some form. Missions will probably stick to fictional religions, to avoid offending people, but people are free to play whatever they want. Outsiders is another religion. Aliens are being figured out.

Q3 - Why06 -  29:12 - How does the writing process go from start to finish? Is there an instruction to write a backstory for a new planet or something? How far in detail would such a process go?

A - Two process, game design driven, comes as a request from a game designer. Ground the game design in the lore.  From another direction is the big narrative.

Q4 - GrizzB - 31:33 - How do writers at CIG keep everything straight and not accidentally contradict each other? Is there  an internal wiki?

A - Yes, there is an internal wiki. And there's Dave, he's got all of it in his head. There are occasional inconsistencies and just try to minimize and work out. Long discussion ensues about working with art and game design and how all work off each others inspirations, very cool.

Q5 - Meowstopher - 36:18 - How much do you draw on Chris Roberts' previous works (primarily the Wing Commander series and other games in the WC universe)? Do you consider Star Citizen to be an extension of Chris' former works, or something completely different (despite obviously borrowing some terms)?

A - He's not that familiar with Wing Commander. Has watched let's plays and videos on youtube, for reference on the design philosophy. Not a direct descendant and not a sequel by any means. Want to make sure it feels like a Chris Roberts game. Not said but it is clearly a "spiritual successor".

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Big live stream 10 am PST Dec 19th

Gladiator sale & brochure tomorrow

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