Around the Verse Episode 15


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-25 - Sandi Gardiner and Ben Lesnick host this week. They've decided to keep the two host format.

Featuring News from Around the Verse, Makers of the New Horizon Map, Bug Smashers, MVP, an Interview with Jump Point editor David Ladyman, and a Sneak Peak at tomorrow's Concept Sale the Redeemer!

Guinness Record and Lego Hornet.

Networking summit in Los Angeles, server set up and cloud structure.

PAX Aus tickets on sale, have about half left. Event and BBQ

Citizen Con and Chelsea's Birthday Oct 10th (no singing!)

Happy Birthday Wing Commander

LTI - coming back exclusively for concept sales.

LTI still not going to be a big deal.

Last weeks contest - winner is notdagger. Pretty cool but they are not going to use the winning idea

News from around the Verse

Arena Commander

Broken Moon Size has been increased and being tested.

LA - getting Mustang Variants into the Engine

Aurora variants

Landing system being improved (less crashing and ship damage involved)

Art Shubin greybox completed

Foundry42 integrating FPS into the game for Ep 1

Atmosphere VFX

Concepts for turret props

Cargo container textures

Damage states complete on Mustang

Carrack is getting additional concept work

Gladius "real close" to hangar/flight ready


Environmental Artists Foundry 42 makers of the New Horizon map

Developed in 8 weeks

They think it's "sexy" (only in private).

Bug Smashers

Mark Abent tracks down AWOL lens flares on the M50.


Your 5 Speculative Locker Contents (for comedy)


David Ladyman (Forum Feedback held off this week as the individual was not available), Editor of Jump Point, and manager of the Languages project.

Working on seven ship brochures.(Carefully NOT saying which seven.)

Three linguists, each working on one of the languages.

To repeat an important disclaimer: You will not need to learn the languages in order to play the game.

Talked to some promising new writers at ComicCon.

May do Strategy Guides for Squadron 42.

Sneak Peak

First Phase 3 concept sale: Reclaimer.


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