Around The Verse Episode 17


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-16 - Back from CitizenCon 2014, happy to have met with the fans and folks in person. Quite an event.

Happy Birthday Star Citizen, entering the third year!

Chris Roberts had a lot of fun in the Green Screen photobooth. Sandi as well.

2015 Events schedule - SXSW in March looks very busy. CIG folks in a bit of a panic. Ben says "We are going to do it!"

Show us a short version of the hi-def PU demo, with better sound including Pedro Camacho's score more audible. (Full hi-def version:)

Cutlass commercial. Sandi did mo-cap. (She mentioned the violent pull image, but that was for the Multi-crew demo.)

Commercial also available in 3d.

Blue available for a short time more. Sandi has a Blue and Black Cutlass. Apparently Cutlass is Sandi's new favorite ship.

Thank you everyone that picked up an 890 Jump. Signed Brochure offered, but that's clearly done.

Crowdfunding milestones. A big week.

News from Around the Verse

Controls refinement additional customizations are on going. Are watching the forums. Patch 13.2 is looking to be big. 

Finalizing art updates for size doubling of the initial maps. 

Additional Keybinding and Customization features. Axis Controls for Joysticks, etc.

SQ42 - Ongoing work on Mission 4

Autopad landing system - SQ42 will have both auto & manual landings.

Integration of FPS mechanics for Capital ships

PU - Prop database for Planet side interaction

Behavior - refining the Terra environment to get up to the same standards as the ArcCorp used in the PU demo.

Ships - Lots of work on Alien concept designs: Xi'An Cargo, Vanduul blade, void, cleaver and hunter

Foundry 42 - Additional whitebox work on the Cutlass. Some issues identified and US asked them to make another pass.

Hangar finishing work with - Gladius, Gladiator and Retaliator


Deadlyforce - Revel & York Custom Computer Case

Customer Service

Cutlass Blue items to attributed soon

Dogtags almost ready to ship.

Bug Smashers

Blocker on Cutlass. Too many actions caused the code to get confused. Red Cutlass had more actions than any ship before. Fixed so that they can support many more actions.

Mark Abent requests Feedback about length and depth, and what kind of things you'd like to see.

Interview - Travis Day on the New Ship Pipeline

Really thorough article coming up on this topic. "Incoming wall of text"

Assets is complicated process. Super waterfall driven, dependencies, when can the next step be started.

The Phases: Concept, Hangar Ready, Flight Ready

Linked to sales at the end of each phase.

Much more detailed concepting than most people are expecting. Concepts include how it is going to be used, and "draft" 3d models.

Process takes a while. Whiteboxing is included in the concept phase.

Starfarer recently went through Whiteboxing phase, includes the refueling (for different ships even).

Once that is done, ready for a concept sale. We see a lot more these days on concepts these days.

Next step into the 3d artists. Makes an analogy of wax casting: make a mold of the 3d model the pieces and throw out the concept. UV unwrap and texture.




Then Hangar ready.

In Parallel with the hangar efforts the design team takes the whitebox - slice and dice - Define the break off parts to prep the damage states.

Also added the Variant System - so that the Variants are based on same ship model. That wasn't being done before.

Back to the Hosts

Sandi Mentions Character Pipelines. Interesting.

Star Citizen Mosaic, over 9000 logos to make up the Star Citizen's.

Origin 325A to be flyable starting tomorrow! Ben mentions many of the variants coming out in the near future.

Sneak Peak

Next Week

Rigger - John Riggs

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