Around The Verse Episode 18


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-23 - Ben and Sandi host this week. Usual features, News from Around the Verse, Bugsmashers, MVP are all present plus interviews with Character Rigger John Riggs, and Producer Travis Day. And an appearance by BadNewsBaron.

325A is flyable, but they aren't yet happy with it. It will be revisited in Patch 13.2.

James Pugh will be doing Extra Life! 24 hour livestream on the Twitch. Charity for Children

Fan Gifts: Operation Bagel Carrier, crowdfunded giant bagel delivery proceeds to charity. Idris Owners Club delivery to Idris dev team in Foundry 42.

News from Around the Verse

Arena Commander

Lobby design has been finalized for 1.0

Controls and targeting are being improved based on feedback.

New Horizon racing maps improvements underway.

Sandi and Ben challenge each other to a race.

Squadron 42

Shubin Base Ballistic Turret, ready for AI work. 

AI - Workers, Crabs move around.

Landings, Medal, System, Rewards

Persistent Universe

New buildings on Terra being designed.

Terra NPCs have begun the concept phase - Bartenders, Vagrants, Mission Fixers.

Additional Props - Concept work.


Carrack continues in the concept phase. Next next concept sale.

Cutlass - whitebox review - internals being redone. Docking ring being moved aft.

Sucker Punch gun has been finished modeling. 

Herald concept is looking good.

Feature Guest: BadNewsBaron 

BadNewsBaron and Leadmoderator Will dance off, err dogfight: October 24th 6pm Pacific time on Bad News Baron's twitch (and StarCitizen's?)

Bug Smashers

"Young and the Bugless, when muffins attack." Today's bug involves the Mustang. When you sit down, you respawn out into the hangar. 

"There is a war coming. Will you be ready... or will you let the muffins win?"

Interview, John Riggs, Character Rigger

Kinematics, set models to move correctly.

Started as an animator, but realized he wasn't the best animator. The better rigged he could make his characters the better it would turn out. Ended up handing off his characters to others and realized that was working well.

Q1 - 13:00 - Logical Chimp - Given you apparently just implemented new rigging for the character models and moved the animations over, what was involved in updating the existing animations to work with the new rig?

A - Old skel was more simple. Added some muscle systems. Worked with Austin Animation team. They used Animation Builder, a tool that made things almost automated.

Q2 - 14:08 - Isogen - Can you compare and contrast the difference between rigging characters models and ship models?

A - Big difference. technical, rigid surfaces. Ships don't have muscles and soft body physics.

Q3 - 15:17 - CramTheLan - What is the biggest challenge you face in your work as a rigger?

A - Using in engine assets. All characters need the same number of joints. Male and female have the same base skeleton, but customized for proportions to result in different skeletons. It is designed to allow some animations to be used across the two. Aliens will get their own base skeleton.

Q4 - 16:32 - Goose - What do you use for inspiration and reference when it comes to non-humanoid species such as the Vanduul, Banu, and Xi'an? Can we expect to see very distinct "bone-structures" for the different races?

A - Inspiration comes from what kind of animal do they move like. Piecemeal between different animals. Also takes a lot of queues from the geometry. Example - Vanduul, has three jointed leg, so goat-like.

Q5 - 17:32 - What tools do you now have at your disposal to reduce production times, and how much time do they save you in regards to the reproduction of character or structure animation?

A - Rigging for over 15 years. Has a toolset that fits how he works. Not as useful for other folks. John Riggs toolset bible.

Which came first the surname or the profession? Name obviously. Rigging just came naturally.


Voon - Lets just stuff all the ships together!

Ship Pipeline, Interview with Travis Day Part 2

Hangar Sale

Dogfight Arena Commander Ready

Take the whitebox and the slice and dice to create damage states.

First 25% is decal.

At 50% you are seeing the bones and muscles of the ship.

From that point on different models attached as the damage progresses. Chris Roberts wrote that code himself.

HUD is important, needs to be considered early on and at the end.

How long does it take?

Hard to answer, since small ships are faster. But even the small ships have multiple passes.

Recently they've been trying to work out process and be able to do things once and apply that across ships, instead of doing things over and over again.

Almost every step has a checkbox "CR Approval"

So many people work on the ships. The Hornet has upwards of 30 people that have worked on it.

Travis Day's Comm-Link will be out tomorrow. Strap in it's said to be a doozy.

Coming Soon 

Redacted takeover?

Tomorrow they'll have control of the social channels.

Forums ask dev thread, Reddit AMA and Twitter @RobertsSpaceInd.

Shorter show next week. Crew headed down to Aus. (In Reverse the Verse, Ben said may not be a show next week.)

Sneak Peek

Bar, Couch with 890 Jump details, and Armory.

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