Around The Verse Episode 20


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-13 - Ben and Sandi (just back from Australia, fighting jet-lag) host this week.

Radar and Signature preview from Bug Smashers! Starfarer Sneak Peak!

Segment: Chris interviewed on Australian TV

Veteran's Day message, a thanks to all who have served! And an acknowledgement that Star Citizen has a special attraction to veterans.

M50 still unlocked.

315P in tomorrow's Patch, if all goes well.

A farewell to Eric "Wingman" Peterson. Wishing him well on his new endeavors!

News From Around the Verse

Arena Commander

UK has taken multiple passes at game balance, all modes.

Server endeavors underway. Exciting!

LA - 315P testing for release

Persistent Universe

Jump point and jumps being working out.

Hangars rooms being set up. Simulator room... pods. AC.

Shop inventory in game.

Squadron 42

Zero G traversal tying together FPS and SQ42


Modular building design (for Ep. 7)


Starfarer progress Whitebox

Carrack Soon!

Avenger flight ready for 1.0, hopefully by the end of the year, and variants after hopefully Q1


Prone enemies, shooting.

Breach Assault FPS module gameplay mode.

Most Valuable Post

MVP goes to: RogueFire - Hype Citizen

Bug Smashers

Dancing with the Bugs - Radar Signature System! Bug is that you can still see an enemy if blocked by something like an asteroid. This week is more a preview of radar and signatures is in v1.0 from a coding standpoint than an actual debugging session. Very interesting and well done!

Interview Production Coordinator - Darian Vorlick

Starting at 27:10

Q1 - StarKillerxx - 28:43 - How different is it to manage a project in CIG, as they have a way more open policy then lets say Blizzard. Do you prefer the former or the latter and why?

A - Pros and Cons to both. Open and transparent, it makes expectations more clear. Feedback from the community is incredibly useful. Not necessarily one better than another, but he's enjoying the Star Citizen model.

Q2 - M3neillos - 31: 39 - How do you coordinate your teams so you ensure that the scheduled timeline is followed? Do you have some sort of pipeline?

A - Pipeline? A very large pipe, to hit people who fail, or a box of candy. To keep things on track, make sure the people are using their talents the most efficiently. Tools Agile and Scrum. DWIT - Do Whatever it takes. Very flexible environment. Quoting Alex Mayberry (Star Citizen Executive Producer) "A good producer is always on the verge of becoming overwhelmed." Tip-toeing that line and keeping it together is what makes a good producer.

Q3 - Fiftysixk - 34:35 - Star Citizen is easily one of the most ambitious projects in the industry at the moment. [With] all the new alpha content scheduled for implementation in 2015, what are going to be your biggest challenges?

A - Meeting CIG's expectations and measuring up to Chris' vision is the biggest challenge. How do "I exceed my own expectations"

Q4 - Harlot - 35:57 - How does fan feedback and development factor into coordinating a project like Star Citizen?

A - (A lot of input has unprecedented effect on the direction and development of the game. Note: this is an inference rather than what was stated. - Ed.) Gives different perspective on the process. Good to see other perspectives.

Q5 - Beekay - 36:50 - What do you think about working without a publisher, the pro's and if there, the con's?

A - Strangely liberating. Gives a certain level of freedom. Not as different as you might think on the day to day. More freedom to explore possibilities. Pivot quickly instead of needing to go outside for approval.

Q6 - BearSquish - 39:48 - Are you aware your name makes you sound like a super villain? Do you work for Doctor Doom?!?!

A - *steeples fingers* Interesting story... Devorilick monster is named after him in a game.

Sneak Peak

StarFarer interior cockpit!

Credit: Redditor /u/SCNR-Stardust

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