Around the Verse Episode 23


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-04 - Ben Lesnick and Sandi Gardiner host this week's Around the Verse.

Welcome new backers! Many new $20 packages in the hands of new backers, very pleased with that.

News from Around the Verse

Arena Commander

Spectator Mode

Avenger and Mustang have entered QA

Cinematic chase and gun cameras received improvements

Squadron 42

Landing - a bit more polish

Conversation proof of concept ongoing.

Avenger damage states

Persistent Universe

ArcCorp Bartender model

Nurse NPC Character

Oddysa and Meriana landing systems being designed


StarFarer work continues

5 Vanduul ships greyboxing. There’s a Vanduul Destroyer, Corvette, Light Fighter, and Boarding ship in the works.

Prototype procedural damage system, starting on the bigger ships and perhaps getting into the smaller ones. (Yay! I've been pushing for this for a while. - Ed.)


R&D on push pull system for Zero-G

Rework of the cover system is underway.

Prone and Crawl system

Bug Smashers

Featuring Taylor Swift? For reasons? Thruster states, heat and fuel.


Book - Physical Starter Packages

Customer Service Update

Lots of Tickets, please be patience

No wait lists for ships, so you can stop ask.

Patrick added full time in UK, speaks German.

Interview - Steven Kam, aka Toast

Q1 - Sleepy Walker - 21:07 - How has the transition from being a mod to a CIG, with behind the scenes knowledge, affected your views and expectations of the project?

A - Really familiar with the project considering its a new job. But now it's also a job. Don't get to play as often. Happy to do it, because grew up on Wing Commander. Newer generations deserves a chance to experience that experience. Old school Chris Roberts game.

Q2 - StrikeForce - 23:15 - Is being a paralegal as monotonous as it sounds?

A - It can be. Depends on where you are and what you are doing. It's largely record keeping. Help proofread things. Because it's CIG, so it's quite interesting. Toast is actually a full lawyer. (Something about a fantasy to shoot clients? Hope that doesn't come back to bite Toast.)

Q3 - Ykara - 25:10 - I believe that many people around this community (and many other) don't know exactly what is to be a Mod. For many it's like being the "Forum Inquisition". Can you please tell us more about your roles and day-to-day work?

A - Still do some forum moderation, since his job is actually para-legal. Good community and good moderators. Sees moderation as being a steward, rather than being a cop. Don't get mad about people getting in trouble. Anyone can have a bad day. Unfortunately, some people really enjoy the self-entertainment value of causing trouble, and reach a point were they can no longer be a part of the community, which is sad. Law of large numbers, get enough people and some will be outliers.

Q4 - MrsBunnyButt - 27:19 - Having been in the field as a forum moderator for a very long time, what do you think about the moderator team and how they deal with the forum and chat community?

A - Have really good moderators. Wasn't a moderator before. Very professional bunch. Not "power-trippers". More outside the United States than inside, which is handy. Diverse group. Many opinions about the controversial topics, which helps them avoid bias. Someone should be allowed to have their opinion, as long as it's civil.

Q5 - Briguy168 - 31:05 - So how is it to work in the same building and several yards away from the man who created Wing Commander? Do you still get giddy inside every time Chris Roberts walks by or chats with you?

A - Yes. How could it be otherwise. Chris is really dedicated and busy. Only have spoken to him for around 5 mins. It was a bit to get used to. Snuck into the office tours on the first days. Did get a chance to early play test the ESP when Chris grabbed him to see how it worked with someone not familiar.

Why the nickname Toast? Because that's how bad he usually does in PvP, "uh oh I am toast."

Coming Up

Big Live stream coming up Dec. 19th 10am PST - 2pm PST

Surprises - commercial, and maybe a sale?

Herald UI Contest winner BobTheHobo

Fly the Hornet next week.

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