Around The Verse Episode 27


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-15 - Ben and Sandi host. Celebrate the $69 Million funding mark! New in depth looks at development are on the way to commemorate. Also apparently Sandi has driven a web page to track status of the individual stretch goals. That will be coming soon to the website.

Townhall at PAX South, first town hall. Not livestreamed, but will be recorded and released.

BAFTA Tickets are sold out.

Ship summit, Austin and UK staff in LA organizing ship pipeline for the next year.

Several "summits" happening this month.

Arena Commander 1.0.1 push.

Contest Winner DarkMyth - Day of Champions, Vanduul Holiday, Ritual combat where the primes are chosen.

News From Around The Verse


AI Missile evasion improvements.

Missile UI

Flare and countermeasures


Bengal Carrier Bridge interior whitebox.

Grey box - Kingship and other Vanduul ships


Skydock construction site in concept

ArcCorp populating with NPCs

Drone prop recieving textures

Nurse NPC - Male Nurse design shown

NullCredit: /u/nehkara


Cutlass and Avenger being balanced

Avenger damage states 

Retaliator interior 


Items specified as being used one or two hands 

Networking issues with "grapple beam?"

Zero G

Battle Arena

Bug Smashers

Pipes issues, weapons not recharging on Mustang on some mount points.


Nebohtes - [Video] Example: Building a Modular System


Catching up on tickets. Thank yous for gifts to the team.

Interview Lance Powell - Supervising Art Director

Q1 - 19:55 - CaptPiponolo - How do you keep track of all the ship's pipelines and how do you incorporate community feedback?

A - Master list for Q1-Q4, and SQ42 has a separate list. 

Q2 - 21:06 - Echo Seven - How do you resolve differences between artistic direction and functionality (physics modelling etc... ). And more importantly, who wins?

A - Form follows function. Chris interested in the wow and pop. Artists create the look and the designers make it work. Adjustments are made. (We all win! -Ed.)

Q3 - 23:06 - Dawgstar - What favorite but less-frequently represented science fiction scenes, environments, or ideas do you find influenced the team's artistic choices for Star Citizen's environments (planets/cities/stations)?

A - Aliens vietnam style scifi. Tiny bits of 2001, BSG. Not going to do Tron or District 9 shanty town, somewhere in between. Battle Arena might be influenced by something. Influenced by a lot of things but trying to realize Chris' vision.

Q4 - 25:55 - GeraldEvans - How do you decide where to draw the line between showing space as vast and bleak, or showing it as dense and colorful? How do you inspire people to stay and explore the spaces you create?

A - Space is empty space, but there are components to the spaces that can set the tone of the place you are going into. For example, a space station that is wrapped around an asteroid... which could be in a nebula. Each one of those could be treated as a character. 

Q5 - 28:26 - BearSquish - What's the most memorable, awe-inspiring design moment for you? Either in one you made, or one you saw, that would shape your future pursuit in gaming?

A - This game, it is unlike any game he's ever seen. Wing Commander & Privateer, with Doom thrown in for good measure, with a dash of Star Wars. 

Coming Up

Next week will be Ben and James from Austin

Sandi will be at BAFTA

Art Sneak Peak

Terra Landing Zone

NullCredit: /u/nehkara

Correction: An earlier version of this article attributed the images to /u/firespikez, linking to a /r/starcitizen subreddit thread he used to discuss one of Nehkara's images. Citizen Star News apologizes for the error and has updated the story to be more accurate.

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