Around the Verse Episode 28


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-22 - Hosted by Ben Lesnick and Pete Mackay -

06:05 - News From Around The Verse
12:49 - Bug Smashers
20:11 - MVP
21:07 - John Erskine Interview
40:52 - Interstitial with Ben and Pete
41:35 - Sneak Peek
43:08 - Closing

Town hall coming up at Pax South.

Physical packages... there are trying to nail down how many to make. They are back in the store now to make sure everyone has an opportunity.

News From Around The Verse


Mulitcrew prototyping using the Retaliator

AI Behavior being updated for a list of Wingman Commands

Ejection systems for all the ships are being refined.


MoCap and P-Cap has been scheduled, Chris Roberts is going out to direct some of that.

Landing polish is ongoing

Missions coming together, looking more like a full game.


Concepts for props (Chair concepts shown off)

Mobiglas - Upcoming Deep Dive Design post

New Station


Bulldog - Gurmukh design. They are listening about that name.

Orion - mining ship Concept - George Hull - Whitebox

More weapons


Limb damage penalties has been worked out.

Animations while reloaded while crouched has been added.

Movement in zero-g is being tweaked.

Bug Smashers

Twitchy Buggy is examined and fixed.


General Jack O'Neil - Org Posters

Customer Service

Clickity-clack - Soooo busy

Interview - John Erskine

Q1 - 21:31 - Azreal Domonov - You seem like a busy guy, could you please walk us through what you might do in a week at work?

A - In charge of the operations of the Austin Studio, as well as corporate wide -  Website, Corporate IT, QA and DevOps. Spend time working with managers making sure they have what they need. Austin Office Manager (who's name I couldn't catch from the interview. Nanetta Wade -- supplied by David Swofford. Thanks! - Ed.), Benoit Beausejour - Turbulent, Mike Jones - Corporate IT. Jeremy Master - Manager of DevOps team. QA - Justin Binford.

Q2 - 24:41 - Hawx - What is being done to improve the workflow of new players joining the website? The recent update made it a fair bit harder for new people to find their way around.

A - Work in progress. There are a lot of things about the new site they like but they are continuing to revise. "Fly now" "call to action". New flow chart that helps refine the experience based on who your are and what you want to do. Trying to remove all the extraneous noise for people who want to "start". Launch in the very near future. Never ending project.

New landing page for the community is coming. Home page is going to be more focused on introducing the game.

Some cool other ideas coming up. Focus on community.

Q3 - 30:39 - Gornax - How many different platforms and configurations does QA test against?

A - Good question. We have about 9 different "channels" that we are building. Main branch, plus a few QA in progress. Vendor Merge Builds, Art builds. QA - Is constantly jumping between the different builds. Checklist is already quite long.

Q4 - 34:20 - BearSquish - What area(s) do you find yourself spending the most time addressing, both at the Austin level and at the CIG level? How do you handle wearing so many different "hats"?

A - Varies, round robin.  Historically have spent most time on build platform, the website and ecommerce. Very good managers and a committed team.

Q5 - 37:49 - Jonor Drake - Are there any plans to allow credit card based purchases directly from CIG without having to go through third parties (e.g. Amazon) in the near future?

A - Good question. Answer is yes and no. Don't want to store your credit card numbers and sensitive information on their system. Current partners Amazon, PayPal and Stripe spend a lot of effort securing that information. Not planning to be a card processor directly. Done that before at other companies and it's a big project. CIG's time is better spent on making the game. Are looking at ways to streamline the process, but not ready to announce anything.

Sneak Peek

Cannot really be described... possibly NSFW (depending on were you work):

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