Around the Verse Episode 29


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-29 -

What's going on Around the Verse? PAX South, 70 million hit, Ben is back from Austin, Wave 3 ships available. 1.0.1 Released.

WARNING: Audio problems beware loud static at 50s

4:02 News from Around the Verse
8:31 Bugsmashers
17:18 Customer Service
18:10 Jenny & Ryan Interview
23:47 MVP
24:30 Ortwin Freyermuth Interview
40:52 Terra Wrap Contest
41:58 Sneak Peek
42:16 Closing

News From Around the Verse


Landing gear animation fixes

Fuel system added to missiles

350R adjusted


Conversation system prototype is still ongoing

3 more vanduul ships in concept phase

Loot cleanup

Concept art Anthony Tanaka statue is ongoing.

Buggy skins - Tech now applied to all the ships, more coming



Vanduul ships greybox

Damage state changes, making it easier for future ships

Bulldog renamed Vanguard


Sniper rifle

Animation for grav generator

Battle Arena - exterior texture

Bug Smashers

Aurora faults that got them "recalled".

Customer Service

Still backlogged on CS tickets, but working on it!

Physical item preorders closing, Mustang Mouse pads close to shipping

James talking to Jenny Varner & Ryan Archer - Austin Community Team

Our fans are violently loyal? Interesting choice of words.

Ryan Archer - Marketing Artist - working with David Ladyman

Jenny Varner - Community Content Manager


List of Songs and Music by and for Star Citizens (Filks & Original Compositions)

Interview - Ortwin Freyermuth

Cofounder of CIG, with Chris. Legal support side, came from the film world. Toast's boss. Met Chris on film projects. Worked on Das Boot Director's Cut (3 1/2 hours!).

VAT discussion - Make sense to have operations in Europe. Game Tax Credits. But unfortunately means following the rules and that means VAT. Also worth noting the Euro prices don't need to adjust for devaluation against the dollar. Recent Euro drop could have caused increased prices but they don't have to do that since they can spend Euros directly. Change may actually offset VAT.

Strangest legal situation? Idris redesigned. A person got very upset, and complained that CIG was in breach.

Looking Forward

Looking forward to Arbitration and Court system in game.

PAX East and SXSW go on sale soon.

Terra Wrap Contest

Come up with a concept art for where you would shop in the Star Citizen Verse. See thread here.

Sneak Peak

Looks like procedural damage!

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