Around the Verse Episode 30


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-05

0:16 - Intro/News
6:52 - Austin Studio Tour with Mark & Jenny
12:24 - Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter with Richard Garriott
14:17 - MVP
15:09 - Interview with Rob Irving
23:50 - Sandi Goes to Flight School
29:56 - Upcoming & Sneak Peek
30:45 - Outro

News from Around the Verse

$72 Million reached. Ben very enthused!

International Store  Launched. No more currency conversion fees.

SXSW Events Booth and Swag. PAX East sharing booth with Logitech. Saturday night have party.

PAX South Townhall videos available.

Gamespot article - Positive press on the Townhall

Kotaku article - featuring HOTAS Aurora pilot kicking ass. Ben loved that it proves you don't have to buy the most expensive ship to do well in AC.


Skins - Pirate, UEE and Operation Pitchfork; Will only work on the Aurora first.

Tutorial map is being developed. May be in 1.1

New Power System Aurora HUD has been implemented

Squadron 42

Skydock second concept phase

Jump Point, Quantum Travel Effects - Being worked on former Chief Visual Officer Chris Olivia, apparently still working as a contractor?


Hats, Boots options being explored

Repair drone models have been completed.

Marine model


Avengers thruster malfunction being repaired.

350R indestructible issue

Constellation being revised for AC 2.0, turret, neck and cargo areas. Being made flight ready.


Animations for Zero -G "crumpling"

Ammo - tracers for combustion weapon

Sky's the limit for cool weapon designs

Austin Studio Tour with Mark & Jenny

Wing Commander Movie set piece

A wild Sean Tracy appears

A cheerful Megillakitty working on those shoes

Many glimpses of PU concept art

Chris Smith & Josh Koons, Austin's Ship Builders

QA Pit

Interview - Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter with Richard Garriott

Truly interesting how CIG supports friends and colleagues - pitching for this new kickstarter. Full length interview will be available later. Nice telepresence robot.

Kickstarter - Underworld Ascendant by OtherSide Entertainment


Anti-Squeaker - In fiction lawsuit against Original Systems for poor handling of the Cutlass in the simulation.

Interview - Rob Irving

Rob talks about how things have changed for him by CIG becoming an international company.

Something that Rob doesn't want to see in Star Citizen: Offline make money

Every aspect of the game is designed to allow the player to be become more skilled with the next guy.

Starmap. Moved things around. "Shook it up." Redesigned to make more sense and set up.

Sandi Gardiner goes to Flight School

Nice job. Should be available elsewhere one hopes


Monthly report, Design Update on shields.

Voyager Direct (VD)

8 Shield Generators, New Ballistic Guns and three previously mentioned Aurora skins.

Art Sneak Peek

Quantum Drive effect on a gladiator?

NullImage credit: Redditor TerrorCookie

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