Around the Verse Episode 31


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-12 - It's Around the Verse, or is it the Empire Report? In fiction broadcast teased. A segment that we saw a hint of from Sandi's facebook/twitter a while back. A bit of lore as Sandi and another actor play the parts of news broadcasters in the Star Citizen Verse.

This week debuts some changes in format. More features from the individual studios.

Valentine's day. And ... okay... won't even try to describe that little bit.

0:54 - Intro/News

Monthly report for January out

Pax East, SXSW tickets still available.

US Dev vs Monday Feb 16 4pm PST Join in Arena Commander stress test

3:54 - News from Around the Verse


Bottom turret of Constellation being redone for visibility

Vanguard (fka Bulldog) being concepted, hope to have something to share soon.

RSI Orion, mining ship. George Hull.

P-52 Merlin being reworked

Updating the avatar model so the ships are all getting a pass



Landing Mechanics

Shubin Station Greyboxing continues.


Preparing FPS for a release

New Armor system - Light, Medium, & Heavy

Weapon sway - running causes weapon destabilization. 

Gun fires were it is pointing.

Push/pull system for zero-g


Mining gameplay mechanics

Redesign of NYX is in progress - Asteroid abandoned mining facility. Third landing Zone after Arc Corp and Terra

Concepting clothing sets

Social release in march

15:13 - Bugsmashers

v1.1 Mustang lost its physics

21:15 - MVP

Fiendish Feather - [CryEngine Video] Pieces of Eight (Piracy and Boarding)

22:06 - Interview with Ken Fairclough

Environment Concept Artist


Tier system, modular environment. 


29:05 - Customer Service

Still backlogged

Gladius model hangar flare coming.

Thank you for gifts!

30:05 - Top 10 Bugs

Amusing feature of some graphical bugs

31:21 - Sneak Peek

Holo table revision, looks much cleaner. Less blur.

32:05 - Outro

PTU - 1.0.3 will go live tomorrow, if all goes well.

Also Design Deep Dive - AC Credits (AC Bucks)

300i series free fly and 305R Sale

50 Shades of Thorshu Grey, Happy Valentines!

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