Around the Verse Episode 32


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-19 - After a quick in fiction Imperium Report, an interview with the Austin Art team and a detailed look at the upcoming REC system!

0:56 - Intro/News

vs Dev event didn't happen as plan but they managed to isolate the problem and will try again next week. (3 hours earlier)

PAX East - First chance to try FPS & Help the Harold.

Mustang Goliath mousepad

Vote for the box art for the fourth box. Box art collectables fit together.

5:13 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

Vanguard - Concept polish, finished basic concept design and approved

Constellation and Freelancer are being reworked re whitebox, prepping for AC 2.0

Xi'An Scout entering production. Very interesting design process, very diferent since it's designed by aliens.

UK, Foundry 42

Characters - reproportions, new base male. Realistic based on body scans. Results are very promising.

Cinematic facial rig - scan capture of real people

FPS Characters - texturing, materials, Crytek influence. (They didn't say Ryse but clearly this is were they are heading or aiming to exceed.)

Attachment system - "Item port" any clothing or armor attached in a very different way. Coming from the ship designs, (possibly with tech from Warhorse but not mentioned. -Ed.)


Grapple beam, Sandy leaked - Works only in the Arena (just yet) - playing with the effects. Works like a linear hook, but also has some ability to slow you down. Sounds interesting.

Ammo crates, recharge stations for the Arena

Austin, PU

Social Module

Defibrilator item, medical unit

Three or four shops you can window shop at

Character models - Skinning pass

Smart Objects - The AI understands what the function is.

The "living breathing universe" is coming together

21:44 - REC system discussion

Travis Day and Calix Reneau - Calix designed the system

System is designed to be a functional system all the way through the running PU. "Future Proof"

Has been coming together as Arena Commander comes together.

Following the community response. A lot of "great feedback", very passionate discussions.

Duration system: You have seven days of use. When you log in, it uses up a day (a 24 hour window)

28:50 - MVP

Org - Xplor

Medicine behind Starcitizen

Five Different types of Pirates

30:14 - Austin art team interview

Ryan Archer, David Jennison, Billy Lord, Megan Cheever

Character Customization, working with UK Studio

Fidelity is high!

Billy Lord is terrified of high fashion.

35:25 - Sandi's Flight School

A true pilot can feel the HOTAS flowing through them.

Good against a pinata is one thing, good in the engine is something else!

Weapons 101 Class

43:38 - Sneak Peek

Orion sale tomorrow.


Ming Design Document

Inside CIG peice - MoCap

Art Sneak Peak

Gold Horizon Station. Looks basically like what we saw in the FPS debut. But has seen a lot of love in the mean time.

44:40 - Outro

"Are you this mean to everyone else when you are filming them?"

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