Chris Roberts Interview @ TNGS Finale


(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed and Mako) - 2014-06-27 -  We took the opportunity at the TNGS Finale to pin down Chris Roberts and ask him about some of the production and development techniques used for Star Citizen and how that went when shipping the first iteration of Arena Commander.

Really impressed with how an old guard programmer like Chris Roberts has kept up with and is employing modern development techniques in spite of his decade long break from the industry. In fact, most likely bringing new meaning to "Release Early, Release Often", far beyond what's done in the majority of the industry. We discuss the difficulties of setting "if all goes well" release date (and why he still likes the concept), Automated testing, Extreme and Agile programming, and more. (As a tech person, this conversation gave me a lot better sense of how they are building this thing to last and have far more confidence they can pull off the enormous scope of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. - Ed.)

Also in the video is a nod to the excellent Freelancer commercial, which debuted at that show.

As a note: we were only given five minutes, which we stretched, as Guard Frequency was waiting for their shot. Ironically, since not too many media-types queued up Guard Freq got a much longer interview. We don't begrudge though since they did such a good job.

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