Drake - Ambulance and Police, Cleaning up Their Act or Cover?


(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-10-18 - Drake Interplanetary has introduced into its 2945 line the Cutlass Red Ambulance and the Cutlass Blue Militia/Police edition of their classic Drake line. Quite an interesting departure for a company known for marketing with a wink and a nod toward the Pirate community.

Does this represent a turnaround for the Magnus based company?

Drake Interplanetary, founded in 2922 to produce the initial Cutlass design created to fulfill a UEE military contract codenamed "Volksfighter", originally marketed towards militia before being a hit in the outlaw community. Ever since, they've been straddling the lines between trying to stay legit and fully embracing their largest demographic.

The SPECTRUM commercial also just released shows no sign of any change in pace, a cheeky ode to the independant salvager scrounging the debris of UEE craft while dodging a Vanduul Scythe. While well done and not overtly condoning any illegal behavior, does nothing to sell to those who color between the lines.

So what do you Citizens and Civilians think? 

Cleaning up their act, or cover?

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