Fare thee well Eric "Wingman" Peterson


Update - 2014-11-05 - Eric has changed the time of his stream to not coincide with Around the Verse. Now 10AM Central Thursday.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-11-04 - We held off on this article because we couldn't quite confirm it. Hoped against hope that there was something in the works that keep our dear friend, Eric "Wingman" Peterson still part of the team at Cloud Imperium Games making the BDSSE, Star Citizen. If you caught last week's Friday Night Show on The Base, you'd know we ran a segment we called "Were the Frak is da Wingman?"

Long time dev and hero of the cause, host with the mostest of Wingman's Hangar, Eric Peterson has left CIG. Taking up his new role as he puts it "cheerleader and dedicated (golden ticket holding - oh yeah baby) backer."

And, if you want to see what I am up to next, please come join my new forums at: http://peezocker.com/ A temporary name for sure. I will be livestreaming this Thursday at 10am central to talk about what we want to do next. ~ Eric “Wingman” Peterson

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-19 - At the time of this writing, it is becoming increasingly clear that Eric "Wingman" Peterson, President of Production and Head of the Austin Studio, is leaving CIG. It's a painful shock. There's no way to sugar coat it, for many long term backers, the Wingman was as much the face of Star Citizen as Chris was. His beloved show, Wingman's Hangar, would come to us every week and let us know what's going on with a demented wacky friendly sense of humor.

So what's going at CIG?

We've learned recently that Chris Olivia, Chief Visual Officer and judge on the TNGS, is also no longer with CIG. Story seems to be that the migration of the Ship pipeline to LA left several individuals needing to either move to California or leave the company.

CIG has been growing, and these seem to be very clearly growing pains. CIG decided it needed to bring in more expertise and retool it's processes in order to get done what it needs to do. So people with great experience like Alex Mayberry and Tony Zurovec were brought in, responsibilities of the existing staff shuffled.

Austin has been focusing on the PU these days (Tony Zurovec's team), not sure if they are still doing the Hangar, as they once were. And they used to control integration. There is also a lot of CryEngine expertise there, after picking up several engineers like Sean Tracy from CryTek in that company's recent struggles.

Erin Roberts' build out of Foundry 42 has been very successful, and they've been able to take on more responsibility than just the Squadron 42 work.

Movement of the Ship Pipeline to LA has been disruptive, but deemed necessary to get this close to Chris. Clearly felt that the pipeline needed to be optimized as getting ships into the Hangar and in flight needed to be speeded up.

In companies like CIG you have a committed team working to create the future, the pressure can be enormous, hours long, and margin for error slim. The people at CIG seem great and I am sure they are, but interpersonal problems may occur. "Utopia is not an option." Things don't go smoothly all the time and things happen. CIG is uncharacteristically closed about staff departures, but that in some respects is understandable. It's normal in the industry to avoid discussion of what wrong in these cases.

Working at places like this is not just a job, it's a calling. It's not surprising to have turnover at all levels.

Still, it hits hard to see people go. Particularly with this normally quite open culture at CIG, where these developers become our friends.

The tearful farewell above was produced by Disco Lando, when the show was ended after 72 episodes. Ironically, we were told that the show was cancelled because Eric needed to focus on development.

Correction - 2014-11-05: Previous version of this article mentioned Dan Tracy being hired in Austin from CryTek, when in fact it was Sean Tracy. We regret the Tracy confusion. 

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