How to Kill M50s in a Hornet - AC v.9.2


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An excellent example of knowing your ship's strengths and weaknesses relative to your opponents to achieve victory.

This Star Citizen Tactics & Tips video explains how to kill a smaller nimble ship such as a m50 when you are flying a slower bigger ship such as a hornet.

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Relative velocity: Is the speed at which something effectively travels towards something.

To explain it simply: 
- If I am stationary and an m50 travels towards me at 300 mps, then the m50 is approaching me at 300 mps.

- If I'm traveling away from the m50 at 200 mps however, then the m50 is only closing the distance at a rate of 100 mps as my speed means it takes longer for it to catch up to me.

By using this idea, we can make ships such as the m50 take slightly longer to reach us in battle, giving us more time to shoot them!

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