Public Test Universe Launched - Limited Access AC 1.0


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-18 - In a surprise move, CIG announced a Public Test Universe of version the current test build of 1.0.  Soliciting signups on the RSI Forums, and then quickly closing when they received a throng of eager testers. (Perhaps more testers will be solicited after initial tests? Reminds one of the phased release of Arena Commander in the very early days.)


The PTU is a parallel set of servers (complete with it's own limited version of the new design of the website) with the new build. Volunteers have their accounts copied to the new servers, with the promise of a wipe once this is done. This allows a public test build without forcing everyone to patch onto a potentially unstable build. Good idea actually and used by other companies to excellent effect.

Since I keep an eye on things as much as possible, was able to get in on the call. (Still patching though.)

Testers will see their client patched (11 patches actually just to get from 9.2.2 to the 1.0 candidate to start), and flipping back and forth between the builds is likely infeasible unless you have two computers.

The welcome greeting stated the test will run until Jan 14th 2015. (Although that is clearly open to change.) Is this when we are likely to see a public release of v1.0?

Current Build known issues:

If you log into the game and everything starts with @, go into your launcher settings and pick a language.

-Capture the Core and Squadron battle are not always appropriately assigning balanced teams
-Characters that have lefts a lobby will get a blank error screen when sent an invite and will need to restart their client to be able to accept any future invites
-Private matches are launching as public instances and will allow other players to join
-Capture the core and Squadron battle will sometimes let too many people join a team
-The invite button does not reset
-Holotable can vanish if a character joins a lobby while using the holotable
-Characters that are kicked from a lobby get no message as to what happened
-Contact list transparency causes it to be difficult to read in some lighting
-Lobby invitations cannot be accepted while sitting in something
-Adding friends on the website will not update the contact list in the lobby
-Joining a match when players are readied up will result in their ships being invisible
-Changing the game mode when players are readied up will cause players ships to enter an invalid state for the lobby owner and prevent the game from being launched until they unready, refresh their ship, and ready back up


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