Star Citizen AA 044 - Sandi Gardiner Returns!


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-13 - Nikki "Batgirl" D'Angelo does an excellent interview with Cloud Imperium Games' VP of Marketing, Sandi Gardiner. Filmed earlier this week, with Sandi still lamenting that the release is still not out, but is otherwise quite timely (and in some senses timeless).

Covering recent marketing projects (Gamescom, DragonCon, AMD sponsored ship) as well as issues like alternatives to dogfighting and females in the industry.

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Not that I think any of this matters, but it's a hot topic these days. Author, Citizen Ed, is an associate member of the Enablers (Org-SCAA) headed by the interviewer, and Nikki D'Angelo has a contributor's account on for possible future features. And of course we're both backers of the Star Citizen project.