Success: Wingman's Hangar Episode 56


Citizen Star News - 2014-02-12 - The eagerly anticipated Wingman's Hangar Episode 56 is here. Streamed live on Twitch at 9 AM PST. This was a critical episode in many respects, as the much beloved show is controversially being retooled to adapt to the many changes in CIG. Early feedback has been quite positive. Production quality is up dramatically with an actual soundstage, and the energy and humor of the staff has returned. Clocking in at over 34 minutes, reversing the trend of each show being shorter than the last. A lot details, plans and art was revealed today in the show, making it a must watch.

The big big news is that the DFM (Dog Fighting Module) is planned (explicitly said to be subject to change) to be unviel at Pax East, Boston April 11-13, and be available to the community shortly after. And they are bringing up the Universe servers, the background server cluster for the Persistent Universe, for internal testing now. There was also updates on plans for the Hangar, new hires, gifts from the fans, Physically Based Rendering (PBR) update, forum feedback, MVP "Cryo - If your Gunship was an animal, what kind of animal would it be?", Fan Focus, Chris Olivia talks about and shows off the Vanduul. Forum Feedback was particularly meaty this week with a lot of interesting information being disseminated, matching a commitment recently to deliver "less fluff and more stuff".

An impending "housekeeping" Hangar Patch confirmed (likely this week or next). Following up on the forums the wingman stated that this would be the last patch for a while as they are starting to dig into the PBR enhancement. Next Hangar Patch past this one will be post-PBR.

In a humorously bittersweet gaffe, the splash image shown on the Comm-Link still indicated the show streaming Friday's 11am CST. The moving of the Wingman's Hangar, to make room for The Next Great Starship and spread out video comm-links over the week, has not gone over well with some fans. Here's hoping the improved show will smooth that over.

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