UEE Senate Begins Corruption Probe


(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-04-08 - UEE Senate authorized the formation of a Senate Committee under Senator Rachel Lester (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys) to review "Imperial outsourcing practices" with an eye towards rooting out any corruption the like the recent scandals we've suffered here in the Citizen Star HQ system, Goss. Senator Lester called for open hearings but this was opposed by Senator Tracey Glenn (U-Saisei-Centauri Sys). Senator Lester was given the choice of open or closed hearings, but the final determination has not yet been announced.

One wonders if that commission can use it's authority to review the granting of business licenses to Jysho Corporation's CTR franchise. The license, as you may recall, was granted under a cloud of controversy and accusations of corruption not too long ago. One could even speculate that this is the primary target of this probe, in spite Senator Lester's assurance that the presence of such corruption is not presumed. Time will tell.

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