UNN NEWS Association to Provide In-Verse and Real World Support for Star Citizen Journalists


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-16 - Most Valuable Poster and Publisher of the Pulse online magazine, @Feylan, and this site's own Citizen Ed (@CZenStar fka @Transhumanitarian) have decided to join forces and pool resources for the betterment of those who would report on, or play space journalists in, Cloud Imperium Game's Star Citizen by forming the UNN NEWS Association.

The association is a joint effort and recognition of shared goals between two projects: Feylan's Universal News Network/UNN and Transhumanitarian's Citizen Star/NEWS.

In the game, the new association will be providing press credentials while using its influence to increase the number of organizations and players that respect those credentials, as well as an RP framework and communication channels for Journalists to communicate and cooperate where desired.

On the web, CitizenStarNews.com also offers its platform for authoring and distributing in and out of 'verse stories. "In-verse" articles will be tagged and collected for a planned entirely in character site and for pursuit of distribution in game (if that can be managed). While continuing to develop its own reporting wing, the NEWS org will be dedicating itself to the success of all journalists and their organizations. The goal is the success of Star Citizen and it's players.

NEWS will be responsible for much of the day to day operations of the new association, but Feylan will remain involved in a leadership role.

In game journalists will be encouraged to join NEWS and be given the rank of "Associate", establishing their Press Credentials. All journalists are welcome, even if they are members of organizations that consider themselves "rivals", although many obviously many will have to wait until multi-org joining is introduced. NEWS is a journalism support organization, and is proud to adopt the UNN concept and help administrate with Feylan.

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