Wingman's Hangar Episode 62


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-26 - Major things happening in the Network back-end for the DFM. Some really good news that they've got this working outside of the LAN.

Studio Report: Behavior

Focus on the Asteroid Hangar and the Room System

Introduced by Chris. Sandi, on site in Montreal, shows off her linguistic skills by greeting us in French. Sandi is known to speak several languages.

Seed system. Modular design prefabs.

Room system Mobiglass used to create new rooms and access the station servers. Order, Pay, wait out the construction time, and then you'll get a notice that your new room is finished.

Caterpillar and constellation being the biggest they can fit. A lot of mentions of the Cat.

Fly through "ceiling door"

Forum Feedback

- Do we have a team in place to combat cheaters
Under discussion. Aware of it, and have that in mind.

- What kind of controller support DFM v1
Start out with HOTAS support. No guarantee on all rigs.

- Private Servers
Freelancer game style - private servers will be smaller scale than the PU.

- How will aspiring bounty hunters track our targets
Person of Interest

- Avenger discussed features that don't appear to be in the final design: Wings folding. And folding jump seats behind the main seat on a single seat Avenger
Didn't make it to current design, those were possible features along the way. Could possibly happen on variants.

- Squadron 42, how will it be handled if someone plays one or two missions and then goes to the PU? May still be active military? Can go back into Squadron 42?
Doesn't sound like this will be allowed at all. Rob mentioned Squadron 42 will finish before the PU goes live.

- Is there one Criminal code for the whole universe or will each system?
UEE will have a consistent rule set, But local may have additional. Banu and Xi'an would definitely have their own code.

- Can someone steal ships planetside?
Most planets are safe place. There may be some exceptions. (One would expect this to be rather explicitly called out.)

- Do the players need to eat sleep and use the toilet?
No. Not fun gameplay. Not required.

Most Valuable Post

Synnik. "Scenario 9: Mining Hazards"

Fan Focus

Mr. Phelps "CIG/SC Movie Mash-ups"

Interview: Mark Skelton

Sporting the actual legendary gold shirt, and greating us with a "Hazy Thought".

Speaks to us on the subject of working with Behavior in Montreal. Skype Meetings twice a week. Room system is currently in the "Grey Box" stage. Some detail, but a ways from release. Allow the user to add rooms and place things within those rooms. Personalization. Man-cave. Bathrooms. Where are going to put your crap?

Next week is Turbulent with a focus on the Organization system.