Wingman's Hangar Episode 63


(Citizen Star News) -2014-04-02 - Wingman's Hangar Episode 63 Streamed from twitch. Publishing my notes as we wait for the video to appear on YouTube. This story will be updated shortly after. As a note, the stream was choppy for me and even had to be restarted a few times. May have missed a few things.

Update: Rendering seems to take longer and longer. Anyway here's the tube:


  • Turbulent - A look at the Organizations upcoming changes
  • Forum Feedback
  • Interview with John Irskin


Week in Review

Working hard getting ready for Pax East

Discussing the TNGS - Dogfighting Team Update, stressing that it was about the team not the DFM

New hires

Voice over actors shown for a moment.

Idris is now a Frigate ... Dun... Dun.. Dun!

Shroud of the Avatar Crossbow

Studio Report: Turbulent


ReCap on where they are now.

2nd Drop Divisions and Jobs

Org Chart Job Functionality (Drop 1.5)

Bring in more Role Play. Allow Shared ownership.

Multi-Org seperate drop for Multi-Org, will be a primary Org, and then associations & affiliations including hidden affiliations.

Alliance and War Systems on the roadmap. (I thought Chris said no on that, so that's serious news)

Sandi talked about a "secret" Million Mile High Club

Forum Feedback

Q: Earn Credits in the DFM? Or do we need to go through the pledge store?

No credits in DFM v1. Yes on the long run, as the DFM becomes the Arean mode of the PU.

Q: Interactive events?

No us vs them, but interactive Dev

Q: Keep Orgs or allow Fleets Squadrons Etc?

Let players decide, org is the generic "blanket" term. Your org can be a fleet or squadron or whatever else you decide. Upcoming additional functionality will allow more flexibility of how you self-organize.

Q: What happens if a Founder rogue, boot all the citizens and take all the corp assets.

No plans to interfere, we'll have to see. Plan on tools to allow you to decide and manage risks.

Video question from Kinshadow

Q: Make a  bomber look a fighter, disguise our ships.

Tuck away turrets, Electroskin can change the skin on the fly. And change the ID.

Q: Tevarin ships in the PU? Defeated alien race.

Not many left in the Verse. Tevarins drove them all into the Sun. Hint that it may be possible to find a few.

Q: UEE Interference. If a war between corps happens will the UEE interfere?

Yes. If they know about it, and it's in their territory.

Q: Will Alien ships use the same type of fuel?

Still discussing.

Q: Will there be other Single Player Campaigns after release of SQ42?


Q: Upgrade Cutlass to have a Hookah and puffy red couches?  Character with gold shirt?

No Mark Skelton packages on the release schedule. But who knows what could happen.


Byronyk Star Guides | Trade Ship Guide

Fan Focus

Org video - Nexus Security ad by Reev Jax


John Irskine here to talk about Organizations

Modules will interact with the Organizations in different ways.

There have been small improvements in the background, capacity and infrastructure.

Guiding principle "Don't want to enable organizations to create bad experiences for people, but do want them to create interesting experiences"

Secret Orgs - Affiliate relationships can be private. But they can tell that you are in another org, just not which one?

No blanket policies set. So you can't keep people from joining other orgs, but if you are vigilant you can tell that happened.

Other website updates:

State of the game section

Leaderboard system (Including Org vs Org)