Wingman's Hangar Episode 68


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-07 - Another episode of the Wingman's Hangar streamed today on Twitch


  • A look at Subscriber Benefits including new announcements
  • Forum Feedback
  • Most Valuable Post
  • Interview with David Ladyman on progress and testing of the Economy

(Notes from the live feed after the break.)

Studio  Report: Subscriber Benefits

w/ Sandi, VP of Marketing and Alexis, Subscriber Coordinator

- New Benefits: Monthly Subscriber Flair, Exclusive Subscriber Store

- Web Site beta test

- Test Pilot badge, once a month test fly a ship you don't own

Sandi mentions organizing Gamescom Event

Imperator (Second level of Subscribers)

- Create a pirate perk

- Vanduul test pilot badge, can turn in to test fly a Vanduul Scythe

- New Benefits: Two of each piece of hangar flair

Forum Feedback

Q: Toggle between 1rst and 3rd Person View in combat?

Radar is very important, you don't get radar in 3PV, but yes you can.

Q: Can hangars come under attack?

No. Your Ships are safe. There will be stations and other places to attack and fight over

Q: ID Ships in the verse? See names of characters?

Ship ID, yes. Spoofable. Who's inside depends on sensors and a few other things (largely yet to be worked out).

Q: Advanced alien technology? Sell on blackmarket?

Still discussing what's out there, stay tuned.

Q: Buy Vanduul ships and Equipment from the Banuu, since they are known to trade with the Vanduul?

May have parts. Probably not ships although maybe once and a while.

Q: Dealerships for collected goods?

Player Stores maybe. Ways to sell stuff definitely.

Q: DFM Low Ping, Distributed servers around the world? Or just US?

Yes, DFM in the cloud, will have servers around the world.

Q: Non-consensual PVP in lawless space?

It will likely happen, slider is less effective.

Q: Cover Mechanic Prone stances

[redacted] studio (worst kept secret), move in cover, snap cover, prone (even in zero-g)

Q: Economic side of the game. Concern about about depth

Plenty in depth more later.

Q: Modular Caterpillar, tabs indicate modular nature, varient lengths, and specialized modules

Yes, can't stack infinitely, but yes.

Most Valuable Post

Will Lewis presents this week's MVP

Tylanol86's One Liners for the 'Verse'


David Ladyman, Jump Point Editor

David goes back to Origin Systems with Chris and Eric (and Mike).

Working on the Economy (although not designing), making it into a board game so they can playtest it before coding. Impressive video of a table top run through. Twenty systems, covering a whole conference table, the whole tabletop. Uses his background as a PnP game designer.

Find the fun things and emphasize. Minimize the "noise".

Test went pretty much as expected in round 1. Refining the rules as they go along. Round 2 right after the show.

On interesting note: David's degree is mathematics and linguistics.