Wingman's Hangar Episode 71


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-28 - Eric "Wingman" Peterson and his trusty sidekick Rob Irving, host the penultimate (second to last) episode of the Wingman's Hangar. (Notes after the jump!)

This Week at CIG

Rob Irving with the Arena Commander, scheduled to roll out on time. Tomorrow!

New Hire: Keegan Standifer QA Austin - Trial by Fire.

Chris Roberts, Birthday!

TNGS Ep 14

Ten for the Chairman

Winglet got his black belt!? Congrats!

Inside CIG

Vanduul Swarm with Rob Irving. (Doesn't allow himself to use missiles? OP?) Looks great!

Forum Feedback

Q: Will be able to use the holo table to customize in the first drop of DFM?

No. Preconfigured only to start.

Q: Balance of the three starter ships. (Aurora, 300i, Hornet) 

They just did a pass on that. Missiles on smaller ships are better than the Hornet but it has more. Hornet may still be the strongest ship.

Q: Number of ships in the hangar.

Can access AC as long as you have it.

Q: Keyboard mouse, control customization

No customization in the first version, but coming soon.

Q: Living room(s) for the character in the Hangar module, but not cots in the Hangar.

Room system coming and yes that will happen.

Q: Where will our hangars be in the PU? Stacks of Hangars?

Bunch of different starting planets, maybe eight. Won't see them all stacked up (Might be stacked in some landing zones, but they won't try to represent them all.

Q: Big finish for Wingman's Arena Commander fight off?

Actually, the plan is to do a retrospective show.


Will hosts today

Soundwave A look Back at CIG

Fan Focus

Citizen Oddity - Mr Twelve - Graphic Novel


No Interview

TNGS preview - Impressive even to this jaded soul.

Logo Design contest Around the Verse