Wingman's Hangar Episode 72: Finale


(Citizen Star News)  - 2014-06-04 - A bitter sweet event as the last episode airs. Taped last Friday, they didn't know how close they'd be to the release.

This emotional episode features a retrospective of all the last 70+ shows with interviews and behind the scenes moments.

(Notes from the livestream, updated with youtube video.)

Forum Feedback

Questions from fans about the show.

Q: What was your favorite part of the show?

Rob started in WMH 25. "Raining on the parade"

Q: Favorite Fan Video?

Kinshadow hunting Logante

B-man and the b-girls

Disco Lando

Q: How has WMH changed you?

Eric: Hasn't personally changed him. But has brought him closer to the community. How cool it is to be part of that.

Q:  Has Winglet or SixWing become interesting in Video Production or Game Design since

Yes. Winglet may even become a tester this summer.

Q: One thing they'd change if they could do it again.

Rob: Different host. Eric way too serious. :P

Eric: Agrees. Need someone that can go over the top :P

Q: Has the Hangar caught the attention of other professionals? What was the reaction?

Eric: It's appreciated but it's complicated. Most professionals could not do something like this due to publisher oversight.

Q: Can they get a WMH Blue Ray Collection? W/ Extras

Maybe if asked enough. Forbbidden fitsmithee promptly crashes the stream. Ah back after a few. Whew.

Q: WMH Bloopers?

They aired most of them. But there are a few around that may pop up someday.

Q: When will Rob cut his hair?

Soon™. Will be donated to Locks of Love.

Q: Colonial Movers Video, Will we see the Wingman's Hangar in the Verse somewhere or Around the Verse?


Q: Who came up with the name Wingman's Nuts?

Eric: Him, others changed it. But the Hangar did fit better so no hard feelings.

MVP Retrospective

Eric interviews Ben Lesnick on the genesis of the Most Valuable Post and Ben's contributions over the show's run. And around the Verse, the successor show.


Michael Morlan, Eric Peterson, Rob Irving for their work on Wingman's Hangar.

Fan Focus

All of them! A look at how the fans interacted with the show. A walk on apearance of an alleged Logante, stalked by a Kinshadow. Montage of videos.


Michael Morlan, still getting used to the clean shaven version of the guy. Very nice introspective on the evolution of the show.

Pete Mackay, Weather Wizard

Another compilation of the best bits that has me ROFLcoptering.

Mark Skelton, Hazy thoughtsman.

Favorite Hazy thoughts.

Back with Mike Morlan

Last "See you in the Verse!"

... and a little special something at the end.


From Disco Lando: