The Wonderful World of Star Citizen Ep 1


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-24 - A missing piece of the puzzle has been found.

Jared "Disco Lando" Huckaby hosts a new monthly show intended to showcase fan and community talent related to Star Citizen. A focus that has been missing since Around The Verse replaced Wingman's Hangar (and even before to be honest, as WH had phased out the community videos a bit before winding down).

One thing I have to say about the Star Citizen Community: "My god, it's full of stars!" Citizen Stars that is!

Episode 1 Featured Content

FiendishFeather (YT/CorpIncScience)
David Cooke (YT)
Bad News Baron (Twitch)
Twerk17 (Twitch)
Trendane (YT, SoundCloud)
Guard Frequency (Podcast)
Ephalanx (Art)
Korathan (Art)

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