Would you buy a Star Citizen Branded PC Tower

(Update - 2014-02-21 - Sandi follows up to tell us what the units are: Prizes for the winners of The Next Great Starship)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-15 - Cloud Imperium Games' Sandi Gardiner (@SandiGardiner) has been teasing us on twitter and facebook with some pretty interesting looking computer cases. Since this is unannounced we can bet this is a potential partnership with nothing written in stone. Could even be just a custom batch for privileged employees in lieu of a raise, who knows?


EDIT: More details on this case: Maingear's SHIFT. Also Maingear would appear to allow customizing the colors of the cases at order time. So the colors pictured may just be examples of your options.

UPDATE: During a follow up Sandi stated, "These 6 towers are prizes for the winners of 'The Next Great Starship'. I am still in discussion with MainGear if we change the look of these towers. I will pass them on your feedback." Makes a lot of sense to me. Which is not to say they wouldn't sell them if there was a clear demand.

Let us know in the Disqus comments whether or not you'd buy and which case style you'd purchase. (More pics after the break.)

I usually build my own computers from components, but have to admit that I am sorely tempted. Apparently this would be in partnership with custom PC builder Maingear, who do have plenty of experience at this sort of thing. The answer of course would have to be based largely on the specs. But with Sandi and Chris in the driver's seat here, you'd bet they would be pretty capable. And Maingear allows customization. So presuming that they'd be awesome rigs, probably with at least a mild premium for custom builds, would you buy one?

Colors might strike some as a bit garish, but I think most of them work surprisingly well.

I do wish the Aegis wasn't that color of green... but oh well. I am sure there is something there for everyone. RSI Purple and Orange? I wouldn't think that would work but I think it actually does. Origin is very clean for those that can't handle too much color in their lives. Drake stands out quite well. Anvil is kind of growing on me.

Decisions, decisions. Here's a few more pics to help judge:




- Photos courtesy of Sandi's Facebook, used with permission (thanks!).

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