Arena Commander

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-04-07

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Whitesnake and Team Legacy maintains quite the intro Guide for pilots, which also includes advanced topics:

Welcome! The Legacy Instructional Series (LIS) is a resource to help new pilots begin the journey of honing their piloting and combat skills in Arena Commander. At the core are exercises that can be performed by the player solo or with other new pilots. There are also academic discussions of the mechanics of the maneuvers covered by the exercises, as well as compiled references to useful resources for new pilots, including other dogfighting tutorials. At Legacy Gaming, we hope you enjoy your initial experience in Arena Commander, and invite you to contact us or come chat with us on our TeamSpeak about any questions you might have.

To start off, here's a video of Legacy Gaming demonstrating the results of the training we do. While this was made after quite a bit of section tactics practice, much of which is a bit too advanced to be covered here, it's worth posting here to motivate new players and show them what's possible if they set their minds to training often. [source]

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-22

First tries at using the v1.1 landing system didn't go quite so smoothly? We made up a guide for you to make it nice and simple!

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-03-21

New official Arena Commander Pilot's Guide is available for Arena Commander v1.1

A must read for new and veteran pilots. A pilot's guide to CIG's most ambitious patch yet, adding many new features, ships and retooling the foundations of Star Citizen.


Updated w/ Handy graphics of the default control mappings...

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-02-28 - Thanks to /u/MrHerpDurp for capturing this chat conversation with CIG Technical DesignerMatt Sherman (the Dev who discussed ship balance in Around the Verse Ep 33). Also thanks to /u/H3ssian who transcribed the chat screen shots.

We can see that there are some very significant balance changes and bugfixes going into this impending next major release. Fixing weapon mounts to prevent oversized weapons from being placed there being a major one:

  • 1: CIG Matt Sherman, The Monoboat super hornet loadout is pretty much going away in 1.1 All the longstanding mount/size issues are getting cleaned up, so possible guns are going to actually start reflecting the ship specs more.

  • 2:CIG Matt Sherman, REC is happening in 1.1, but we haven't confirmed a set release for when melting VD items could be possible since that system is still in the works.

  • 3:CIG Matt Sherman, @Stoic: Mount points on ships are getting cleaned up because currently, mounts are letting people equip larger guns than intended to different hard-points. The biggest change is going to be a ships loadout will more accurately reflect the size-limits noted on the ships-specs.No more loading s2 weapons on a s1 Canard and the likes.

  • 4: Question. So no class 2a or 2b size 2 gimbal mounts that can mount size three weapons? Cig Matt Sherman: Those mounts should all be removed in 1.1 and replaced

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-18 - In a surprise move, CIG announced a Public Test Universe of version the current test build of 1.0.  Soliciting signups on the RSI Forums, and then quickly closing when they received a throng of eager testers. (Perhaps more testers will be solicited after initial tests? Reminds one of the phased release of Arena Commander in the very early days.)


The PTU is a parallel set of servers (complete with it's own limited version of the new design of the website) with the new build. Volunteers have their accounts copied to the new servers, with the promise of a wipe once this is done. This allows a public test build without forcing everyone to patch onto a potentially unstable build. Good idea actually and used by other companies to excellent effect.