(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-05-18

1: In the real world fuel comes to aircraft instead of the craft traveling to a central depot? Will this be the case in SC? Will you be able to purchase additional fuel, store it in the hangar, etc?

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-05-15

Updated with official video and COMM-LINK


The MISC Reliant, third starter ship which is a two seater with loads of Xi’An technology, will be introduced with a concept starting next week for ~$50. Maybe hangar/AC ready sooner than we might expect. David Hobbins designed on contract.

Art Sneak Peek was a door from Nyx.

The Puglisi collection was named in memory of a backer who passed away.

23 million flair - with 1.1.3 (which came out yesterday), anyone who backed before 23 mil gets a ‘distinct’ Xi’An ship model, a collectors edition.

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(Citizen Star News) - 2015-05-08


- FPS COMM-LINK is still on track for today. Heads will roll if it doesn't go.

- Recent art updates for the Genesis Starliner and the Endeavor.