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Whitesnake and Team Legacy maintains quite the intro Guide for pilots, which also includes advanced topics:

Welcome! The Legacy Instructional Series (LIS) is a resource to help new pilots begin the journey of honing their piloting and combat skills in Arena Commander. At the core are exercises that can be performed by the player solo or with other new pilots. There are also academic discussions of the mechanics of the maneuvers covered by the exercises, as well as compiled references to useful resources for new pilots, including other dogfighting tutorials. At Legacy Gaming, we hope you enjoy your initial experience in Arena Commander, and invite you to contact us or come chat with us on our TeamSpeak about any questions you might have.

To start off, here's a video of Legacy Gaming demonstrating the results of the training we do. While this was made after quite a bit of section tactics practice, much of which is a bit too advanced to be covered here, it's worth posting here to motivate new players and show them what's possible if they set their minds to training often. [source]

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First tries at using the v1.1 landing system didn't go quite so smoothly? We made up a guide for you to make it nice and simple!

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New official Arena Commander Pilot's Guide is available for Arena Commander v1.1

A must read for new and veteran pilots. A pilot's guide to CIG's most ambitious patch yet, adding many new features, ships and retooling the foundations of Star Citizen.


Updated w/ Handy graphics of the default control mappings...

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Star Citizen: An Introduction to Mining Careers

Star Citizen is a game with innumerable possibilities. As a game with no objective but to forge your own path, there are a number of things to do. The first person game of space exploration offers a number of careers to partake in. Thanks to the realism and details of the game, these careers are like no other.

One career choice in Star Citizen is mining. This career requires players to use their skill and intelligence to succeed. It's not like other mining games. Instead of repetitive button mashing and waiting, players will have to strategically work around dangerous obstacles. While combat isn't an immediate threat while players are mining, there are hazards like pockets of gas, volatile materials, and corrupt explorers. Players can become specialists, completing tasks that will keep them engaged while they reap the rewards.

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An excellent example of knowing your ship's strengths and weaknesses relative to your opponents to achieve victory.