(Update - 2014-02-21 - Sandi follows up to tell us what the units are: Prizes for the winners of The Next Great Starship)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-15 - Cloud Imperium Games' Sandi Gardiner (@SandiGardiner) has been teasing us on twitter and facebook with some pretty interesting looking computer cases. Since this is unannounced we can bet this is a potential partnership with nothing written in stone. Could even be just a custom batch for privileged employees in lieu of a raise, who knows?


EDIT: More details on this case: Maingear's SHIFT. Also Maingear would appear to allow customizing the colors of the cases at order time. So the colors pictured may just be examples of your options.

UPDATE: During a follow up Sandi stated, "These 6 towers are prizes for the winners of 'The Next Great Starship'. I am still in discussion with MainGear if we change the look of these towers. I will pass them on your feedback." Makes a lot of sense to me. Which is not to say they wouldn't sell them if there was a clear demand.

Let us know in the Disqus comments whether or not you'd buy and which case style you'd purchase. (More pics after the break.)