(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-24 - Today we got a confirmation here of what many thought was an error: The Idris Corvette has grown to 240 meters in length as depicted in the Vanduul Size Comparison Chart.

Thank you Mike Northeast of the Squadron 42 team for the clarification.

Mike went on to expand on the changes:

The original reason was to make the hangar a bit bigger but that only allowed me to add more interesting spaces for the player to use. You will have a MedBay, Mess Hall and *gasp* your very own Mission Ops room! As for other ships sure you can fill this baby up with M50's (the Aurora fits very nicely too) - I even dropped a Cutlass in there as a giggle the other day and, although tight, I reckons a skilled pilot could land one in the hangar ;)

And again further:

OK folks,

I don't want to go too far off topic here - this is the SQ42 design thread after all. Essentially I have been working on the military Idris i.e. the one used in the SQ42 single player campaign. DISCLAIMER: The PU Idris' deck layout *may* change when the good folk over in the US take our version of the Idris and make it ready for the PU. Any questions regarding the PU Idris should be posted on the appropriate thread.

That said the MilSpec Idris does have captain and EXO quarters.

It also can comfortably hold three Hornets :)