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(Citizen Star News) - Compiled by Citizen Ed & Crusty Collins - 2014-11-13 - While there are many updates and new comm-links on the official Star Citizen (RSI) website, there's only so much time to read all of them. As the monthly reports seem to have become longer, we thought we provide you with a curated summary and direct excerpts from the latest monthly report.


Here we dig into the report and highlight things you may have missed...

(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-10-03 - Never heard of 'The Horologion Library'? They've been around for centuries, recording history - at least that's their in-game lore. In truth, they are not only an order of hooded monks that observe the universe, they are intelligence gatherers with the main goals of chronicling the goings-on of the PU, undertaking or assisting in scientific expeditions and expanding knowledge. Naturally, members are expected to have a certain air of dignity and adhere to their societal standards of fairness, professionalism, and non-violence. We quote the Librarian: "Essentially, we just want to be represented well in the PU, so no piracy or baby killing or planet destruction or arson."

(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-08-30 - In Star Citizen, as in real life, there exist people that rise to all sorts of callings. One such ... and many would say ... a higher calling is 'Search And Rescue'. When you are alone in the "black" with a shot up ship and burnt out engines, these pilots may just save your life.

Most selflessly 'The Auxilium Group', whose founder Niko-Ranulf was happy to face our interview questions and stated:

[...] while the game can and will be very fun, a game of this nature can be cruel because it strives to mirror reality to a certain extent. [...] we want people to see Auxilium as an example of hope, selflessness, and brotherly kindness in a simulated world that will be filled with quite a bit of the exact opposite.


(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-09-07 - Almost nine months after the birth of Star Citizen's organizations system, there are incredibly varied organizations out there (as you can see in our 'Org Profiles' section) which support many different play styles. From the expected trade & hauling, piracy, electronic warfare, escort & security services, to unusual for an MMO Red Cross styled initiatives, journalism, exploration even xenoarchaeology, and many others.


Although it may seem that big organizations are dominating, the numbers do not support this thesis. At the beginning of August 85,626 Citizens were organized in 19,282 guilds (numbers courtesy of LindyNet - link see below). Removing one-man organizations, the average is only 7 members per org. And while there is quite some controversy surrounding organizations with up to 70% affiliate members, only 16.7% (14,271) of people involved with Star Citizen guilds are actually members in more than one guild. Nevertheless, big organizations spark a lot of discussions and I asked myself whether bigger generally means better or stronger.

(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-08-17 - A year has passed and here we are again at GamesCom. All four days of the convention sold out prior to its opening (press-only) day on Wednesday (August 13th). Consequently, the first day of public admission already led to crowded halls and long waiting times at the playing stations.

Naturally, only one presentation was really relevant. :) Read on for my personal, concise take on the CIG event 2014.