(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-08 - Another fascinating service organization spawned by Star Citizen's affiliate enabled organizations system: Linux Users Group (LUG).

Arising from the Unofficial Linux Thread on the RSI Forums, and formed even before Chris Roberts' intention to release Star Citizen on Linux, the Star Citizen LUG tracks Linux developments and supports people aiming to use linux for related projects.

Even if you don't plan to support Linux (which btw - I hope to, Ed.), you should know these people's work are incredibly important to Star Citizen and gaming's future. With Microsoft's Windows doing a terrible job of supporting gamers, important developers like Valve and Cloud Imperium games are looking to alternatives. Valve famously starting the Linux based SteamOS project.

These alternatives "encourage" Microsoft to do better, or lose their grip on gamers. So support these folks.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-11- Chris Roberts, after cursing windows last night during the Star Citizen Dog Fighting Module demo, appeared to put Microsoft on notice today during the PAX East Panel "The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming". Noting that Microsoft seems to care about some days and then forgets about it others, and maintaining that Windows will likely remain dominant platform, he sees increasing number of games supporting Linux, including "Oh by the way Star Citizen will support Linux". Microsoft needs to remember that gamers are in some respects their "bread and butter". Tom Peterson of NVIDIA supported almost every point Chris made to make his point, but wouldn't quite go against Microsoft.


"By the way, we are going to be supporting Linux for Star Citizen." - Chris Roberts


Time Index 20m15s for the bulk of the conversation on this subject.