Null(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-11 - Don't miss the exciting conclusion of "DATELINE: SESEN", the exciting Star Citizen Novella by Marina J. Lostetter. Will Space Journalist Ulla Yadav survive this last cliff-hanger? What will happen with the impoverished colony of Sesen? Is Governor Jones dead or alive?

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-04 - The "DATELINE: SESEN" novella[1], serialized as a weekly COMM-LINKs on the Roberts Space Industries website, has been garnering considerable interest and praise from the Star Citizen Community. We've been following the adventures of intrepid space-journalist Ulla Yadav, who continuously leaves us on the edge of our seats with weekly cliffhangers as she investigates the mysteries of the pirates of planet Sesen and tries not to die in the process.

The Citizen Star got a chance to ask the author, Marina J. Lostetter, a few questions recently and we thought you might enjoy hearing more about this elusive Star Citizen personality.

Citizen Star News: First off let me say how much I am enjoying "DATELINE: SESEN". It debuted just as I was starting to launch my Citizen Star News project which is a Star Citizen web site, combined with an in game "corporation" that supports reporters. Very timely.

Now, how did you get involved with the Star Citizen project?

Marina J. Lostetter: This might require a little back story.  I am a full time writer, focusing on science fiction and fantasy.  Every year, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (a professional organization for writers in my genre, known largely as SFWA), holds a convention called WorldCon.  I attended WorldCon in San Antonio, Texas, in August of last year.  There I was introduced to a Star Citizen writer, Griffin Barber, by a writing friend (who deserves a shout-out: Alistair Kimble), who in turn introduced me to David Ladyman.  Mr. Ladyman was on the hunt for authors who could produce tie-in novelettes for Spectrum Dispatch.